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Help needed!!

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  • Posted By: Emzie_
  • July 5, 2007
  • 05:51 PM

Hey everyone! (Eep! Prepare for a LONG post hehe)

My name is Emma, I'm 18 and currently 8 months pregnant. I thought i'de make a post here and hopfuly get some useful advise as i'm extreamly frightened and confused!!

Basicly since I was 14 i've had a concern about my heart. It beats extreamly hard alot of the time, and really fast some of the time. If I even attempt to walk up stairs I have to stop at the top and sit down due to shortness of breath, Tight cheast and a fast/hard beating heart, At night I find it almost impossible to lay of my left side. Also I find every now and again it would feel like someone was pressing down on my chest, there would be one large painful heartbeat then my heart would beat in a funny sort of way for about an hour after that. All this is combined with extream dizzyness, random fainting, sharpe chest pain, extreamly pale skin, nausea, vomiting, aching left arm and left side of my neck, unfocused eyes and pounding head aches As you can imagine this has made most day to day tasks very hard to do. As i'm about to be a mummy I wanted to get it all sorted! Also because it all seemed to get way worse during my pregnancy and I was rushed by ambulence due to an extream episode of all my symptoms

Also I had a 24 hour holter trace monitor done and these are the results:

Maximum Heart Rate: 151 bpm
Minimum heart rate: 59 bpm
Avarage: 94 bpm
Beats In tachycardia: 50250 (more that 100 bpm)
3 Isolated ventriculars

(On this day, I had no panic attacks or anything of the kind, Infact this was a really good day for me)

Because of my pregnancy I was refared by ante-natal to thier cardiologist. Now I don't like to be mean about anyone but this man was horrible. He was cold and rather scarey. He was more interested at the fact that I didn't work at the moment than my heart problems. He would ask me questions and when i tried to answer them he would roll his eyes at my responces and rephrase them for me. When I explained (or tried too) that I have a history of insombnia and panic attacks (of which i was dignosed with when i was 4 years old!) He put all my problems down to that had a quick listen to my heart then sent me home after just 15 mins. 3 weeks later my heart went odd and I collapesed at one of my routine ante-natal check ups and was sent in to see my local GP. He did a number of small tests and instantly detected a small murmur but told me he wasn't happy that that was the cause of all my problems so I was sent back to the cardiologist who seemed quite annoyed at this, and when I told him about my gps finding of the murmur he got even more annoyed, I felt I had upset his "God complex" alittle. He told me my fast heart was somthing everyone in the world had and that my dizzyness had nothing to do with it, my heart was fine, that they at cardiology cant help me.

The reason I'm posting here is because I know my panic attacks, i've suffered with them as long as I can remember and find them easy to control now days. I can tell the difference from something thats been happening to my body for more than 14 years and whats been happening recently. I am not paniced by my symptoms when they happen, Just sore weak and tired. I guess i'm just tired of living like this with no answers I would just love to know if anyone else has been suffering with anything like this or has any advise for me.

Sorry if this post seems alittle daunting. Thanks for reading


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  • You need a better cardiologist! Have your GP refer you to somone else. I've learned, by going through ***l and back and nearly dying, that not all doctors are good and helpful and wonderful. Some are horrible and you're right, they have God complexes and don't want to be wrong.Panic attacks since 4 years old? Wow! Did your symptoms come on after you got pregnant? If so this could be symptoms of thyroiditis. There's another one closely linked to this called Post-partum thyroiditis which people who have thyroiditis commonly get after delivering. With treatment they can heal and never return for most people. For some they can continue and require life long treatment.
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