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  • Posted By: Blackhawkcrewdog
  • July 2, 2009
  • 03:22 AM

Hi this is my first post. I figured i would try another source.

I am a 32 yo male. Blood pressure is a little high (usually about 140/90 or less). I did smoke about a pack or less per day. Drink very rarely. No family of heart disease or strokes.

This all started the last week of April. Wife, Kids and i went out for pizza, i suddenly lost my appetite but this sometimes happens anyways. Only had a couple pieces of pizza and a small salad. Went home and didnt get much sleep, i didnt feel quite right.

Next day started having some abdomen pains in various places. Decided to go to the Urgent care. They said i have some acid reflux problems and gave me some aciphex and sent me home. Two days later i went back to urgent care because the acid comming up would hurt my chest and i got worried. They gave me a GI cocktail and some BP medicine (metoprolol tartrate) because my bp was a little elevated.

The next few weeks were spent going back to urgent care and ER's because the acid was so bad i was thinking i was having heart issues. Had 8 EKG's done and a stress test. All were fine! But i was still not. I also had a coronary calcium screening done, scored 0.
Had a Endoscopy done and they found esophogitis. Many blood tests, Ct scan and found Diverticilitus. About 3 weeks into this my back, neck shoulders, arms and hands would tingle a bit on and off. That lasted for about 2 weeks, and turned to mostly pain usually in my ring and pinky finger on both hands. Visited my Doc and refered me to a physical therapist. He suggested herniated cervical disks (no MRI), costocondritis, anxiety or a mixture of all.

Now most of my abdomen pains are gone and so is the acid problem. Still have some lingering heartburn less than once a week.

I am now left with upper abdomen both on left and right sides below rib cage, stabbing pains between shoulderblades and sometimes underneath them and sometimes on them, random chest pains on left side right next to my xyphoid process around right nipple and sometimes farther right, sometimes on the extreme left of chest more on the side, neck, back, arm and shoulder pains, and some jaw pains. All except the pains in my back, neck, arm and shoulders happens almost ALWAYS when i am sitting down or similar position.

I do not drink and am a light smoker. I do admit that anxiety has been an issue with all this happening. I notice when i am real busy almost all pains are not present. They do sometimes come when i am standing or walking also.

Sorry for the extremely long post. But i am frustrated and my doc now thinks i am a hypocondirac. I am willing to accept that diagnosis if it is truly what is going on. Hope i remembered everything.


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  • Your symptoms of pain under the rib cage as well as between the shoulder blades suggest a difficulty with normal digestion that could potentially be remedied through the use of enzyme therapy. I would suggest you go to www.LoomisInstitute.com and locate an enzyme therapist in your area who could evaluate you and make the appropriate recommendations to help you
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  • I am having a hard time trustin my docs that this is not a heart issue for some reason. The chest pains are very localized along with the jaw and arm pains. It is driving me crazy. When i add the symptoms up they equal ............ Thanks
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  • Also having hand, finger, wrist pains. Some tenderness next to sternum (painful to the touch). I have had numerous ekg's, bloodwork, xray's. A Treadmill test, cornary calcuim screening test. All came back good. Score on calcium test was 0. Any thing i should be worried about for cardiac issues???? Thanks
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  • Any suggestions or ideas? My doctor is saying anxiety. Or postural issues. Please help.
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  • Just had Echo, CTA, Corotid Artery Doppler, 12 lead ekg. Cardio doc says all fine. I am still having pains!!! Please help!!!
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    • August 11, 2009
    • 05:27 PM
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