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heart, hormone or blood condition?

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  • Posted By: ateclc
  • July 4, 2008
  • 05:11 PM

My symptoms: + 14 months struggling with fatigued and painful leg muscles on slight exertion. Spiking high B/P. Can't pinpoint reason for it. Sometimes it's hard to move, I feel like wet cement. Skipped a period in April 07, was bloated, but then had a regular period. However, was left with an extra 15 pounds. Began noticing pitting edema in legs and any major episode of edema left about 2-5 pounds extra. I get fatigued and short of breath upon exertion, but never know what exertion will bring it on. Sometimes I can race up the stairs, other times it's a struggle. Even just a few 50 feet of walking leaves me SOB, my heart pounds, feel like I have been holding my breath and swimming underwater and made it to the surface just in time. I recover within 10 minutes usually. I also have a pulse rate that varies from 70-120, never hard, just fast, many times when lying down. Have numbness and tingling at times in my arms and feet, (no edema in feet, just legs). The edema sometimes is more in the abdomen and face. The lower apart of my spine seems to be hurting more, (always had low back pain from scoliosis and a Harrington Rod), but not in the spine. I skipped a cycle again this year in March, and began in April, I bled for 1 month followed by a 2 week break, and began again. Now I am anemic. Following are test results: Began blood test in June 07, since then I have had 6 cbc's. Triglycerides have always been high, kept increasing, (probably from the diuretic), and now are slowly decreasing. Each time my RDW's and Platelets are both high, except for Jan 08 the RDW was high & platelets normal, before that the Platelets were high and RDW normal. They are either high together or take turns. Most recent test show RDW at 18.2 ant Platelets at 515, Triglycerides at 179. Iron serum is 22, Ferritin is 4, hemaglobin, crit, MCV, MCH all low. C Reactive Protien (Cardiac) high at 5.73. Other tests: Spirometer - moderate restriction, Oximeter - lowest SpO2 was 74%, <90 for 2 hours, desaturation mean low was 85%. Echocardiogram wth bubble test was unable to rule out foramen ovale or ASD. Left Atrium mildly dilated. Ultrasounds of legs (artery & vein) -fine, CTScan of brain & lungs-fine, Ultrasound of neck-fine, ultrasound of uterus-somewhat enlarged, thick lining, no fibroids.
Medications: Lasix for high b/p, did not help with edema, taken off because of high triglycerides. Put on Lisinopril, did not help edema, took about 7 pills, it did help with the B/P, have not taken it in 1 month. Taking iron (800) supplements, B12, and a multi mineral. The fatigue and breathlessness has increased of course. Also, reviewing the labs for the last 14 months, the Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Phosphorus, Protein, Albumin, A/G ratio are always at the lowest or just 1-3 points above the low.
Other test that were normal: Metanephrines, Creatinine, Creatine, cortisol, sed rate, RA Factor, Antinuclear antibodies. Thyroid test all normal.
Of note; about 4 months after symptoms began I did end up having to have my gallbladder out. I now have a sensation of movement under the lower right ribs, no pain. Feels like when I was pregnant and the baby moved.

I think that's about it, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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