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For those of you who have or think you have High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

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  • Posted By: bpchronicledotcom
  • July 27, 2012
  • 00:47 AM

I was reading a post down lower but I thought I would respond here because the post was old. The post was about a young lady who had a panic attack and while at the hospital they took here blood pressure. 145/90
Then on two more different doctor appointments her pressure was around the same. Her doctor told her it was probably anxiety. Her doctor then wanted to prescribe a drug for the anxiety. REALLY? Why not know for sure what the blood pressure is really doing. If you really want to know what your blood pressure is doing you should look at your daily averages. Your pressure can rise and fall at different times of the day. There are some good blood pressure cuffs on the market. I urge you to get one and take your readings several times a day. There is a great website where you can log your readings for free. No paper to keep track of and all the math is done for you. This is a great way to keep track of your readings. The site gives you daily, weekly, and monthly averages. They have interactive charts and other tools to help you and your doctor make a informed decision. The website is http://www.bpchronicle.com/blood-pressure-log.php Before you decide to begin taking meds and become a drug company slave, please consider all your options.
Bp out.

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  • Certain circumstances sometimes lead to anxiety does send your blood pressure rushing up.Some of the cuffs in the market are good but then you cannot be checking your blood pressure throughout the day and get more high blood pressure if the reading is slightly elevated.The best you could do is to take readings twice or thrice a day and then see how and when the blood pressure rises.The best remedy is to take rest and see your local physician.He might just tell you to do some breathing exercises before putting you on any kind of drug.blood pressure is a silent killer.It also brings about the onset of various other diseases like kidney failure,renal problems and cardiovascular disorders.So be careful and decide what is best for you and your doctor is always there to help you.
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  • Hi Ammy, While I agree with what you said. There are some things you need to know. A quote from a doctor (Everyone has high blood pressure some of the time. It is not only normal but necessary) So a few high readings means nothing. You must know what your pressure is over time. Think of high blood pressure similar to diabetes. A few high and low blood sugar levels does not mean you are failing. It is what the levels are over time (averages). Doctors even have a test they do on diabetics that tells them how they are doing. The A1C test. For high blood pressure their is no test you can only log readings twice or thrice a day to see how you are doing over all. Another quote from a doctor (damage from high blood pressure takes years). It is not going to kill you in a week a month or a year. All the damage it does takes time. Now if you are forty or fifty and have just found out you have high blood pressure and you have no idea of what your blood pressure has been over the last 20 years, then yes be a little concerned. And yes you and your doctor must work together to find the best treatment for you. (And I can't stress this enough For You). If you want to find the best treatment for you, like a diabetic you must participate in your treatment. A direct quote from the American heart association (Know Your Numbers). You can google that. In closing I urge all to read this article http://www.bpchronicle.com/blogs/Understanding%20High%20Blood%20Pressure.php It will help you to understand high blood pressure.
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