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Does anyone know anything about what this could be

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  • Posted By: tjohn012
  • September 29, 2007
  • 05:47 PM

I wanted to post some results on some test to see if anyone could help me out. I have been having chest pains for about three weeks. I have been to the ER twice and my regular doctor. Here are some of the things that I found but still have no clue to what could be causing my chest pains my other problems that I have since this all started are : shortness of breath (sometimes, very tired, just dont feel good, I get dizzy sometimes. Anyways here I go:

1 EKG read :RSR' IN 1V or V2, right VCD or RVH - otherwise normal-
another EKG read a couple of days later said : Sinus bradycardia

A CT scan results said: What probally presents some mild residual finding tissue in the anterior mediastinum noted, no convincing evidence of PE.

Blood work that were not at normal levels where :

D-Dimer 784 ng/ml norm range <500 ng/ml
B-type Natriuretic P 111.26 norm range 0-100
RBC 3.57 (Low)
HGB 11.4 (Low)
HCT 33.4 (Low)

If anyone could help it would be great, thanks....

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  • A cardiologist could tell you more about the heart EKGs and that is where to go soon. The lab work can be answered by any dr. But I can tell you about the last 3 blood values. I am not a dr; though I had wanted to be an equine vet at one time. I love medical science and reading medical stuff as I was growing up.I'll take a stab at helping you tonight. I hope this helps. There are some websites that break down medical terms like this into understandable terms.But you do need to get in to see your dr. on this; since you are having symptoms and have some lab findings and test findings of some concern. If you have anemia; it can be dealt with usually and you'll be feeling better more than likely.OK break it down:RBC is your red blood cell count. It is low on the report. Usually indicates anemia.HGB is for hemoglobin. It is noted as low. Also usually indicates anemia.HCT is your hematocrit test, it also was noted as low. Usually indicates anemia.Anemia is when you have less red blood cells then the normal range for your sex and other factors. Anemia can shortage of breath; fatigue, dizziness. You need to see your dr. for treatment and further evaluation as to what has caused your anemia (low red blood cell cts); lots of things can cause anemia like ulcers, iron deficiency, and such. So it seems you (or whoever is the patient tested) should have a further work up on the anemia issue; given your symptoms and you lab values being low. Sometimes dehydration and and other health issues/problems can make your red blood cell cts seem lower or higher then they are. So that is why I say such low tests usually mean anemia; but sometimes the results can fool one. But with your symptoms and all 3 tests being low --- it well could be anemia that needs treating.The CT scan indicates there is mild residual (left over) tissue in the anterior (behind) mediastinum (breast bone); I think that "PE" abreviation on your report is "that there is no convincing evidence of pulmonary embolisim" but I am just guessing on that.Now this part about the EKGs (electrocardiograms) is about the heart (and someone who understands EKG findings and descriptions needs to decipher it really. : 1 EKG read :RSR' IN 1V or V2, right VCD or RVH - otherwise normal-The Vs probably have to do with the ventricles of the heart. Some areas of concern, the rest otherwise within normal limits. The finding "RSR' IN 1V or V2, right VCD or RVH'" should be expalined to you by the cardiologist.The second EKG result you wrote below has to do with the hearts rhythym being irregular in some way. Do a search on the word "Sinus Bradycardia" and you can find out if it means slower rhythm or whatever. You wrote: another EKG read a couple of days later said : Sinus bradycardiaYou should find a qualified internist and cardiologist and ask the dr to really tell you in plain language what the report says. And then find out what treatments can help you feel better. I once had anemia when I had an internal hemmorrage and lost 2-4 units of blood; I can relate to the shortness of breath and fatigue. I was almost in shock from the hemmorage but recovered quickly, and avoided being hospitalized (dr wanted me in the hospital and I stupidly refused because I didn't have insurance and was afraid of hospitals; a decision to not go to the hospital that day I still regret as that hemmorage probably relates to my current health problems and we did not find out where I lost the blood from).Good luck with your situation; I hope I have helped you out. But keep in mind I am not a dr; and it is best to not ever try to diagnose yourself. It sounds to me you just want to understand those findings for the lab work and tests; so I thought I'd pitch in and try to help you get started towards understanding the medical terms you got there. Goog luck!
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    • September 30, 2007
    • 06:35 AM
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