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Constant chest pains,shortness of breath, dizziness (21 years old)

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  • Posted By: Cliftonthethird
  • May 18, 2009
  • 08:07 PM

This isn't actually for me. These symptoms are in my 21 year old girlfriend. For as long as I've known her she has complained about chest pains, shortness of breath and occasionally dizziness. These can be mild or severe. They also do NOT relate to physical activity. In fact she has said she usually feels best when she is active. The mild cases seem to occur at random with no noticeable cause. The more extreme symptoms will hit when she is emotionally stressed or upset making me think it could be something related to anxiety. In addition to these symptoms, she's been told many times by several different people, including me, that her heart beat seems slightly faster than it should be at it's resting rate. Even a few doctors have noticed this but dismissed it saying things like "You're probably just nervous."

I'm sure anyone here just like everyone elsewhere (including me) will say the same thing "Go to the doctor ASAP" Well for her own reasons this isn't happening. She's in college and still stays with her parents whom she claims have been told about it and just said "it's probably nothing" She doesn't want to "bug" them about it further and I can't get her to go to the doctor herself or let me take her. Just trying to get through the first step and that's maybe getting some sort of idea of what's going on with her. Hopefully I can get through to her after that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I have similar symptoms. I am a 20 year old female and I get dizzy at various times. I could be just walking through the store or something and all of a sudden I'm dizzy and lightheaded and have to hold on to somebody to keep from falling over. All that aside though, have you checked her blood pressure when she is going through one of these spells? I've noticed that when I start feeling that way, its because my blood pressure dropped very low in a short amount of time. I don't know WHY it drops like that though, which could be a problem...But anyway, you should probably try to take her blood pressure when she's feeling that way to see if it could be related
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  • I haven't tried that and I'll be sure to. Although the dizziness I believe is a minor symptom that she doesn't get as often and it's never too bad. It's mainly her heart/chest and the shortness of breath. I've heard of people with dizzy spells can be anything from sinus problems (I've had that before it's just never been bad enough to cause worry) or something more related to blood pressure or blood sugar levels. I'm of course willing to try anything though so I'll look into that. Thanks
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  • hey clifton ed here its sounds alot like what i have had to deal with since i was 21 im 48 now and its only been 3 years since it was found what i have check out prinzmetals disease it a rare disease but very unpleasent and can cause sudden death if thats it then she will need to take a time released nitrostat
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  • I am a 22 year old female and i have been short of breath since i was 21. at first i said the same thing and i thought it was nothing but it got really bad and i went to many doctors. since i don cough or anything they think it has to do something with pulmonary embolism (lungs) which i believe is a blood clot in your longs. I am also seeing a heart doctor just in case of serious cardiovascular problems, but again they have not diagnosed me with anything yet. my doctor thinks it could be the birthcontrols that is doing it. so if ur gf is on any birthcontrols, i would get that checked out.
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  • I'm a 21 year old fml and i've had the same symptoms plus my left leg has started to swell up recently. It all started out with shortness of breath and sharp chest pains. I recently noticed that some of my symptoms are the exact same symptoms some women have experienced with blood clots from the nuvaring. I've seen 5 doctors about this and mentioned to them ALL that this pain started when i started this birthcontrol, not even a month after starting it i took it out because of all the pain i was having. I called a hotline earlier today they suggested i should go to the ER, i've been to the ER once already and all i got were antibiotics and a seriously large medical bill, so i'm unsure if i should go back, all though i'm seriously considering going back today. I would have your girlfriend check into the birthcontorl she has taken over the last year. Goodluck!
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    • November 26, 2010
    • 07:02 PM
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  • Are you sure there are no drugs involved? Like cocaine, Amphetamines, Ecstasy? Is she very open with you about everything or is she secretive at times, for instance do you ever want to go over to her house but she makes up some crazy excuses? Are you with her when this usaully happens or is she usually at home? Does she stick it out if she does get sick with you or does she want to be by herself or go home? How often Does she get this condition (in your presence) what what does she usually do when/if she does?If its not drugs, then anxiety is a good culprit, she might be stressed out. Honestly I would'nt worry to much about it. If she really starts complaining take her to a doctor yourself, its probably nothing tho.Sometimes girls make things up too, if they need to be away from there B/F or be by themselves... You sure its not just that?
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    • January 12, 2011
    • 10:51 PM
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