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chest pains

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 23, 2010
  • 09:38 AM

to start off, i'm sure everyone is going to think immediately it's a heart attack, but i am about 99% sure i'm not having a heart attack. the only reason i am posting in this section is the symptoms match "chest pains"

i'm 24 years old, male, 6'2" 210lbs (approx) i am fairly active, i don't necessarily exercise all the time, but i do run at work and walk a lot for work. I have been having chest pains randomly for about 3-5 months now, they feel a lot like heart burn, it's a dull ache but can get fairly bad depending on what i am doing. I can feel it in my back, like in my ribs, and in my chest, in the ribs, both sides, often one side more than the other, which side it effects changes. The pain radiates up and i can feel it in my jaw, between my chin and my teeth, kind of gum area, almost feels like it's in the bone, this pain is relieved with pressure, almost immediately.

every time this has happened to me, except for 1 time, was later at night, when i am at home sitting on the couch, usually after dinner time (no pattern on foods i have eaten) the one time that i was not at home, i was about halfway through a 4 hour drive home, after a weekend away, waterskiing and tubing, and i was extremely exhausted, but it was at about 4pm (normally it is after 7-9pm) the biggest thing that puzzles me about it, is the pain subsides and/or goes away completely, if i lay down on my back, or sit in a semi reclined position, like slouching in a chair. Normal antacids (tums, which i always have on hand) or acid reducers (zantac, which i also have on hand for heartburn that i get every so often) do not do ANYTHING to this pain, and i mean that, the first time it happened, i took 6 tums, and continued to be in a tremendous amount of pain. The pain has come and gone as fast as 15 minutes sometimes, and stayed for as long as 2 hours, others.

now, the reasons i do not think it is a heart attack, or heart related, a) it is on both sides of my chest, b) i do not have any decrease in energy when the pain hits c) it feels better when i lay down d) my heart rate remains normal (i checked it just now, 70bpm, regular and strong ) e) as i mentioned before, i've had it before, and i'm still alive...

also, this does not seem to become more or less prevalent as a result of exercise or physical activity

i am completely lost with this, as everything i have found on google, is about things that get worse when you lay down, and this gets better

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  • bump, does anyone have any ideas at all? these pains still happen, right now for instance i am in pain but can't lay down because i'm at work and there is nowhere to lay down, i am sitting, but that's the best i can do...any possible causes at all, or things i might be able to try for relief? it's been about an hour and a half since it started tonight... i did eat some spicy pasta after it started, and it seemed to go away for a little while after eating, however i think it was more of a coincidence, as it was a lot more mild before i ate
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    • November 13, 2010
    • 09:41 AM
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