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Chest Discomfort - Please reply, I need some direction!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 12, 2009
  • 04:42 PM

25 year old white female, 140 pounds, 5'5. no major health problems.
I delivered a baby in Oct 08 via c-section and about 4 weeks pp I started having mild to moderate chest discomfort. Some sharp pains, some pressure and tightness. This has been going on for 8 months now and is a daily occurrence off and on. I have had an EKG, echo, and chest x-ray. Everything showing normal except a hairline of a leak in the pulmonary valve that the dr. did not seem concerned about. If I had some sort of problem (i.e. heart disease) would these tests have picked it up or should I go in for further testing since the pain is still continuing? My family Dr. just put me on antacids which do nothing to help. The pain occurs in all areas of my chest and sometimes behind my breasts. Any advice as to where I go from here?

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  • HiReading your post, it sounds like something I would post!!I am a 30 year old female from the UK, I have smoked until recently. 7 months ago, I started getting pains in teh left side of my chest and have continued to get them until today. They are not terribly painful and only last a few seconds but sometimes they can be there all day. They can occur anywhere around my chest, even my back.I have had 3 ecg's, a chest x-ray and last week I had a CT scan. (I am waiting on the results). So far, all normal. My doctors think it is muscular.My questions are, can it be muscular after all this time? I cannot think of an event which may have caused muscular damage. I take 400g of Ibuprofen 4 times a day and although I THINK it eases the pains it is still there. I am worried that it cannot be muscular.These pains have ruined my life and induced my first ever panic attacks earlier this year. I seem to have these under control now but I just need answers.
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  • Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. They started in May of this year. I was 7 weeks pregnant and suffered a miscarriage around that time. I have intermittant chest pressure daily. It's very hard to describe, not always in the same place. Sometimes it feels like it might be my heart, other times my lungs or my esophogus (sp?). I saw a dr in June. I have gotten a chest CT and an ultrasound of my heart, but both were normal. She put me on acid reflux medication for about 6 wks, but doesn't seem to have helped. Sorry I don't have any information to help you, just that I'm in the same boat as you. Good luck!
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  • I have almost the exact same symptom. I have this recurrent discomfort (i wouldn't even call it pain) behind my left breast. It comes and goes throughout the day at unpredictable times for just a few seconds. I thought it was heart related, so I went to the cardiologist and had a number of tests---all were normal. They did say they recorded a slow heart rate (49) on one EKG, but it was likely a fluke. Anyway, though it doesn't interfere with daily activities, it is worrisome and uncomfortable. I wondered if it could be something wrong with my left lung, or my upper digestive tract. I then started taking Nexium because another doctor thought it could be acid reflux or indigestion, but that hasn't worked. So, I'm left to think it must be muscular. But how could that be going on for 2 months? Could it be something else? What else is in that area? I'm an otherwise healthy 32-year-old female.Perhaps the next step is a CT Scan or MRI of the area?
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    • August 24, 2009
    • 07:51 PM
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  • I am the person that started this post and I just wanted to follow up with you guys out there that responded. I still have the same pains and issues that come and go. I would say it has improved and is no longer a daily occurrence but it still happens. I have concluded (based on my own personal diagnosis) that this is nothing more than muscular. I have no idea what else it could be because it happens all over my chest, both sides, behind my breasts and the discomfort varies from pressure to sharp pains. My doctor does nothing put prescribes me random medicines to see if it helps. I'm not one to just take medicine, I hate it and will not participate in a "lets see if this works" diagnoses. Anywho - if any of you guys have found out any more info or want to share more, I would love to hear from you.
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    • September 11, 2009
    • 08:16 PM
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  • Your message sounds similar to me. I am a healthy 34 year old female who had my first baby in July 2009, so it's been 9 months. Every since Feb. I have experienced "inappropriate sinus tachycardia". Saw cardiologist who said it's upper end of normal HR but fine (90-100BPM but different than what my baseline has been). Wore a halter for 24 hours, it was normal. EKG is normal. I told him I wasn't having any chest pain of shortness of breath because I thought I wasn't, but lately I have noticed I have this persistent chest tightness and slight "heaviness" feeling in dead center of my chest. It is not brought on by activity or stress. Usually it's when I wake up and now continues through the day when it used to just go away after a bit.I am scheduled to get an echo next week, but doubt that will show anything. I'm very concerned as I've read unstable angina can be an emergency, but the last thing I want to do is go to an ER.
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  • I have the exact same symptoms as the first post. I had a baby in May by c-section and immediately had chest pain in the hospital. A few days after I was released I went to the ER with chest tightness and pressure. They did several tests, chest x-rays, echo, blood tests and everything came back fine. So they prescribed heartburn meds which dont work at all. My Dr. said it is probably esophageal spasms, which can feel like a heart attack. No tests have been completed to confirm this. Please keep me posted if you find any answers.
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    • January 5, 2011
    • 09:13 PM
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