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Anxiety or healthproblem?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 9, 2009
  • 10:23 AM


I'm a 25yr old male, 6'1" and about 78kilos, I started having palpitations a while ago where I would get a skipped beat or a maybe a beat out that would take my breath away, once I may have had about 3 or 4 in a row were I couldn't breath in for a couple of seconds before it went normal again. I went for an ECG and blood tests (inc. thyroid functions) and both came back normal apart from a below average white blood cell count (which was picked up when I was 15 so no worries there) and some slightly higher than normal liver functions. I was also getting alot of muscle twitching though this seems to have subsided. Later on the palpitations went away and I started getting vague and occasional chest pain, sometimes sharp and sometimes just 'there' for a while. I've felt this pain both on left and right sides of chest. I also get some shortness of breath occasionally when I'm walking about but never really feel dizzy or weak.

I have been able to do some excercise while all this has been going on allthough I went the gym a couple of times and the first time couldn't finish, basically because after a 10min warm up I couldn't seem to calm down, the second time I went I finished the session but then in the changing room felt odd and was shaky. I think both of these episodes may have been panic attacks though as I have done some dinghy sailing and played some cricket and aside from being very aware of when my heart is working hard I have been ok.

Right now I am still getting the occasional chest pains and also when lying down sometimes I feel like my whole body is shaking. I have noticed when on my left side if my heartbeat goes quite 'heavy' (which I often get) I can feel what I can only describe as my heart pushing through my ribs. If I put my hand around the side of my ribs it feels like a massive 'pulse' about a finger wide that raises about 0.5 centermetres. Is this shaking caused by anxiety or am I feeling my 'heavy' heartbeat and should I be able to feel the heartbeat 'pushing' through the ribs?

Thanks in advance,


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