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Almost Relentless Chest Pressure

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  • Posted By: Graphite
  • August 21, 2007
  • 11:55 AM

Okay, I'm coming to the head of a 15-year saga. At 17, I was stricken with my first angina-type attack which felt like an elephant was standing on my sternum. That opened the door to dozens of similar episodes -though not as severe- where it just felt like I was lying on my chest no matter where I went or what I did for days on end.

10 years later, my second and biggest angina attack returned with gusto, digging into the left half of my chest and cutting off nerve sensation down the lower inside of my left arm and cutting off sensation altogether in my last two fingers. I lived with this sensation for about 5-7 days, and somehow I seemed to slow down after that.

Anyone guess what the doctors told me? You're too young to have these kinds of symptoms, so it can't be anything serious or else you would be in the hospital.

Of course. Well, I'm 5 years out from that episode now and am back in familiar territory plus more ominous problems: continuous chest pressure that gets worse lying on my back but sometimes better if I lie on my side; "liver burn" or some such sensation that seems to sit right in FRONT of my stomach rather than in it; micro-cramps up my knuckles and forearms; exhaustion; confusion; lightheadedness; ETC...

The soonest the local doc can see me is August 30, and I have had two major blood tests and a chest x-ray in the interim, all of which I have to wait on the results for until I see the sawbones. The x-ray experience caught my attention for some reason because as many times as I have watched my partner receive x-rays and been sent off with no other discussion, MY x-ray seemed to take a lot of time to interpret behind the scenes; and when the tech DID show up to let me out, she asked me "Are you having any other testing done?" It could have been an innocent question, but anyone might think that her asking would indicate that there was a situation that needed to be investigated somewhere according to what she had seen back there in the x-ray lab.

I don't know. Anything ring a bell with anybody? The usual factors: smoking, drinking, drugs, are all N/A. Our cat has begun to circle me strangely and relatives keep insisting that I lie down and rest when they see me. Should a 32 year old (F) be in that bad of shape?!?

Thanks for stopping by. Good health to the rest of you.

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  • Hello, Im a 26yr female and about 12 days ago I had really bad chest pain that went from my chest into my back and shoulder on my left side, the next day I was left with what felt like an elephant sitting on my chest, it was almost constant 24hr a day, I am having some test ran too, so your not crazy. I think they are going to do a stress test so if you have not had one ask for one. Angina can be sign of Heart disease. You can have some conditions that will not show up on an EKG. Some doctors think that if your EKG is normal than it is not your heart (NOT TRUE) I cant wait to see a cardio guy!! When and If he checks everything and says im ok then I will be satisified that it is not my heart. Dont give up, Im young and so people just say it ain't my heart, but if you do some research heart disease is becoming more common in young adults. Hope you find out what it was bothering you. I was glad to find your posting. Take Care and keep us posted.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 14, 2007
    • 03:42 PM
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