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31 yrs old & 50% blockage

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 27, 2007
  • 01:40 AM

Ok I am a 31 yr white female and have just been diagnosed with a 50% blockage on my Left carotid artery. I have been suffering with leg pain for years and have been wondering if this could be circulatory.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

My pain is Constant with intermittent episodes of increased pain. Increased pain lasting days or weeks at a time. Leg, foot, back and neck pain...with leg pain being the worst. Leg pain has different sensations at times. Legs burn, throbbing, heavy feeling, also feel like a tournicate on legs, also feel swollen with out any seen swelling, and feel bruised with out seen bruising.

Pain is progressively getting worse with each episode and my present bout has lasted 20 days so far...I have been having difficutly just walking for 10 of these days. Ive had difficulty walking when episodes for a few months now.

Dr.s cant seem to figure me out and I just cant live this way anymore.
I have seen my FLy Dr, a podiatrist, internal med dr, Neurologist, Chiropractor, my GYN and massage therapist about this.

I have an appt with the rehumatologist in May

EMG of both legs normal
Thyroid panel, ANA, and sed rate normal
Lower lumbar MRI normal
Brain MRI & MRA normal
RLS, MS and sciatica have all been ruled out

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  • I had an old friend that pasted away over 2 years ago now, and he had angina and a couple of other problems that started in his late 60s. He put himself onto a low fat diet and reckoned that garlic is the only known natural substance to clear arteries of blockages, and he lived alot longer than the Doctors expected him to.
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  • try a product called strauss heart drops, they are located in kamloops BC, but i think you can get there products at most health food stores.My gramdma had major blockages and the drops cleared them up in a few months.
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  • This may sound silly and almost impossible but do you think you might me depressed? I suffered from similar symptoms but they were not limited to my legs. It was my whole body. Some days, even weeks, I couldn't get out of bed. Went to all different doctors, specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, tried exercise, water aerobics, changed my diet, tried most of the medicines they gave me. Most prescribed narcotics, anti-inflammatories and I even had a rheumotologist prescribe some medicine that he said might cause blindness (I never filled that prescription). However, I was depressed but unaware of it. I had two small children, a stressful job in which I was working 65 to 85 hours a week and my husband was less than supportive of my need to change from full time to part time work for a while and spend time with my children. There were many other problems in my marriage, including the interference of his family which I could not control because I worked so much. I just chalked it up to "this is my life", "I have two healthy children, nothing else is important. I just do what has to be done to keep my family happy". Without any medication, I changed my job and divorced my husband. Very soon after that, ALL of my symptoms disappeared, little by little until they were totally gone. Sometimes I don't believe it myself but when I suffer a severe stressful situation I feel those same problems creeping back. My body begins to feel like I'm getting that flu again. Everything aches and progresses to pain, fatigue, etc.... Once the stress is eliminated or things have gotten better, I'm fine. If it is a stress I can control, I eliminate it immediately. If I can't control the stress (such as death or family illness), I try to control how my body handles it. This may not be your problem but whatever the problem is, has definitely added a lot of stress to your body. Either way, you have to find a way to control the way your body deals with that stress. I say stick with massage but find a therapist who cares about you, your body and your results, not someone who just does massage for a living makes you feel good on the outside but could care less about how you feel inside.
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