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Neck lump

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  • Posted By: student101
  • October 24, 2006
  • 00:37 PM

I am a 19-year-old male, and I just recently noticed a small lump in my neck (about 2 inches below my ear, closer to the back of the neck). Its not really hard, nor is it too soft, kind of in between.

I have no family history of cancer, and have had on-and-off neck pain for a few years now. I've seen a chriopracter, and apparently this pain is due to muscle and joint issues. I'm having no other symptoms of Hodgkin's or Lymphoma, and I do tend to get cysts every now and again (so far I've had about 4 cysts in my arm, ear, and face).

I also don't have a sore throught, hoarse voice, or ear infections. I'm just wondering, is there a chance that its NOT cancer? Yes I made an appt with my GP, but just want a second opinion.

UPDATE: I went to my GP, and she said that they're not swollen, but those bumps were lymph nodes. she said they're supposed to be there, and didn't seem at all concerned. I have just one question --> how will i know, then if they're swollen and not "just there"? About how much should they protrude from my neck (i.e. how visible should they be) so that I know i need another opinion?

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  • definitely nothing to worry about, you will know when they get swollen because they will really hurt, the only time they get swollen is usually when you have some sort of bacterial infection of the throat or ear, suck as toncilitis, strep throat, or an ear infection. lymphnodes are almost always just signs of infection. like i had blood poisoning in my knee and i had a lymphnode swollen in my groind. if your throat really starts to hurt and your lymphnodes in your throat start to hurt, take a look in the mirror with a good sorce of light in your throat, if your toncilis have white puss(white dots) on them, and you have a fever, go to the doctors, you probably just have strep throat or toncilitis, which needs to be treated with antibiotics, however, it is never too severe of a problem, so stop worrying or people might just call you a hypochondriac. as long as theres no fever or white dots,(puss) then you should be fine
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    • November 12, 2006
    • 10:34 AM
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