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Lump In Arm and no Health Insurance

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  • Posted By: NeedAdvice101
  • December 12, 2006
  • 02:17 AM

I'm hoping I can get some advice. I have a very limited income and no health insurance. It takes forever to apply and get approved for medical assistance.....If you have any ideas on what this could be...please let me know.

For quiet a while now I have been noticing that I will get a red lump under my arm...usually my left...I think I might have had it under my right...but don't really remeber....it is almost always under my left...I get it right before or during my period...never afterwards....sometimes that's how I know my period is coming because I will get this mysterious lump. It doesn't hurt unless i poke at it. I think that's more of a soreness than to say it is a painful lump...even then it's not "painful" more uncomfortable if anything. It's not always in the exact same spot, but always the same area. Here's the weird thing and most ambarassing :( ...I also get these weird red sores or lumps on my inner thigh...a couple times on my butt cheeks....but almost always on my inner thighs....sometimes they resemble a very big pimple...with puss....and sometimes it's just a red lump. Again...it's only right before my period..and then it eventually goes away.

Is this something to be worried about? or is this something that is common before your period? I don't have any other symptons...no night sweats or headackes or rapid weight loss...well I've lost 30lbs but that's due to weight watchers and hasn't been rapid....I sleep really well at night...and I Have allergies but nothing out of the ordinary that i would say is "flu like symptoms" I didn't start worrying until I came across this site because I was bored at work.....and began to think it could be something serious?

If you could help me I would appreciate it so much. I'm female of course and 25 if that helps at all.

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  • The red bumps are pimples/acne caused by your menstrual cycle. As to the lumb, where exactly is it located? If it is your underarm, then it is likely a swollen lymph node, meaning that you are fighting off an infection. Is it smooth? Does it move if you try to roll it under your fingers? Does it feel spherical? It is probably a benign cyst, though, if you have no other symptoms. It is red either because you have been poking at it or because you have sensitive skin (most likely the latter, judging by the acne on your legs and buttocks.)
    eleven 55 Replies
    • December 13, 2006
    • 02:10 AM
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  • Thank you so much for your reply, I really do appreciate it! Can a pimple get as big as a quarter? I forgot to mention that they varry in size from the smallest being a penny to as huge as a quarter. Sometimes there is no puss like a pimple. It would make sense for it to be pimples since I break out on my face right before my period as well. As for the lump under my arm. it is usally right above the actual armpit...not in the armpit itself. It varries in size as well. Sometimes it is like a little ball, probably the biggest is the size of a nickel. if I pinch it feels like a little ball, but if i just push it it doesn't move around or anything...kind of like a pimple again. but I ALWAYS get one right before my period i am noticing. it makes sense when you mentioned it could be a swollon lymph due to infection, because right before my period my immune system is a little low and i always feel a little sick...like a flu or cold...nothing that keeps me down.....and then it goes away when I get my period. When would you suggest that I should go to the doctor? I know I should now...but considering that I don't have health insurance and have a very limited income...barely enough for food....is there any key sign that you can think of where I should watch out and go to the doctor? I appreciate your advice so much! :)
    NeedAdvice101 1 Replies
    • December 13, 2006
    • 09:40 PM
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  • Is the actual pimple lump as big as the quarter, or just the redness surrounding it? That could be the difference between rather it's just an irritated zit or purpura. The lump under your arm may or may not be a cyst. If you notice it growing/swelling or experience any pain, then that would be the time to see a doctor (in my opinion.)
    eleven 55 Replies
    • December 14, 2006
    • 06:59 PM
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