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What's wrong with me? I can't get a proper diagnosis. Please read?!!? It is NOT ADHD!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 25, 2010
  • 10:53 AM

I'm 14 and a female.
My symptoms include
-Extreme confusion,
-forgetting who and where I am. Forgetting who everyone else is. Forgetting a lot of things. It's like everyone looks unfamiliar, but I do know who they are.
-extreme derealization (everything looks like a cartoon)
-racing heart
-heart and chest pains
-poor vision. My vision is either too blurry, everything looks to bright, or I don't see the "whole picture" if ya know what i mean. Its hard to explain. I don't think this has anything to do with the derealization btw. I got my eyes checked. I have astigmatism, but nothing else is wrong apparently? Oh and sometimes lights go out. like everything will turn black for half a second. Or everything will start to look foggy.
-Loss of awareness sometimes. Like sometimes I'll just sit and stare. My mom will be talking to be, but i can't respond or don't want to. Its like catatonia but its not.
-Problems thinking. Sometimes my thoughts get jumbled. I'll be thinking about one thing and then a bunch of meaningless, random thoughts will race into my head and it will all get jumbled together. This usually happens when I'm trying to sleep. Then sometimes, I just can't think at all. I have a hard time grasping things. It's like when someones talking it will just go in one ear and out the other. The sometimes I'll have intrusive thoughts or inappropriate thoughts. I'll have runaway fantasies about being raped. I'll start hysterically crying and its like im really there, but im not. :/ I know its not real, but i still cry and get into it.
-flashbacks about things that never happened. Like I'll start thinking about me at the age of 4 and being at my dads house and something bad happened but its not me. Its a different girl and a different dad and different house. It's like im getting someone elses flashbacks. They are not repressed memories. These things wouldnt even be possible sometimes.
-constantly worrying about dying. which would be from the panic attacks.
-suicidal thoughts. (Don't worry. I don't think im gonna go through with it)
-Depression which I've had for 2 years. I doubt thats causing these symptoms.
-bad stomach pains.
-muscle pains
-extreme uncomfortableness
-making weird faces. its uncontrollable. idk :/ They are what one would call "funny faces" but i cant help doing it sometimes. it doesnt happen that often though.
-anger issues
-my spine is curved. I have a curved back. Not that thats important though...
Those are pretty much the important ones.

OK, so I've got my heart checked (EKG)- its ok. My brain (EEG and MRI)-ok
eyes- ok x-ray on my tummy- ok. psychological evaluation- too many different diagnoses from all different doctors. Hard to keep track.
Blood- Uh I was checked for hypothyroidism. I don't have it. I just a slightly elevated white blood cell count.
Sometimes I get constipated, but then it goes away. O_O
Um, OK so yeah...Also, i have no learning disabilities. I was checked for that too. I exercise when I can and have OK-ish hygiene.
Also, I had a sonogram done once. She mentioned something about having 2 small cysts in my ovaries, but said they're not big deal (at the time O_O) Could that have anything to do with anything?

Please help! Thank you so much!

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