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Subural Hematoma Hypotension

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  • Posted By: Kathy Heath
  • October 7, 2006
  • 03:47 PM

My husband, age 50, started having headaches in October, 2005. They progressively worsened, & he some vision problems so we went to the eye Dr., who presribed tri-focals, this was November 2005. By December his headaches had completly disabled him, he went to total bedrest. Light , standing, sitting made his head pound, he vommited with too much movement. This was not normal for him to miss work, he was always busy working in the yard when he got home from work, for him to take the bed, I knew this was bad. He never went to the Dr., he believed if it wasn't broke, then don't fix it. I forced him to go to the family dr. two days before Christmas, they did blood work. It showed that his triglycerides were so high that they couldn't read his cholesterol. Dr. prescreibed meds for the cholesterol and headaches. Seven days later headaches were worse. He took a medical leave from work and went on short term disability, again, this was not something he wanted to do. Dr. had MRI & CT Scan done. Dr. told us he had some old blood pocketed on his brain with new blood leaking. Dr. asked if he ever had a traumatic head injury, the answer was never. Dr. sent him to a neurologist at Lourdes in Paducah, KY., who in turn sent us to a neurosurgeon at the same place. This Dr. said he had Subdural Hematoma Hypotension, he scheduled a bloodpatch & told him to take in alot of caffeine. He got some releif, until he had a violent sneeze and broke the blood patch loose, they did another one, with no relief. The day after the 2nd patch, his fever went up & down. This all happened throughout the month of January 2006, all of these procedures. He wasn't able to eat much, and begged for the ice packs to keep coming, on the 3rd of February, he was very hard to wake up, and when he did he was nervous and wringing his hands, his temp was up and down. I called Lourdes, they said to keep an eye on him, if this happened again to take him to our local hospital E.R.. We live in southern IL., and are 90 minutes from Lourdes. That night some friends and family come to see him, he said he thought he was getting better and he may return to work the next week. We went to bed, the next morning I found him on the couch, something he's never done, I couldn't wake him easily, it took 30 min. of shouting and shaking his arms and legs. I realized he lost bladder control, I finally woke him, got him up to get him dressed, as we were walking together, he was dragging his left foot and was talking nonsense. Got him dressed and took him to the E.R.. There they did another CT Scan, found he was bleeding alot, he didn't understand simple commands. They ordered lifeflight to take him to St. Louis University Hospital, but it was icing up and they couldn't fly so they took him by ambulance on the two and a half hour trip there. Once there he was in and out of consciencousness, they put him in the 5th floor ICU.That was the 4th of Feb.. On the 5th of Feb. he woke up asking how I was enjoying the fishing today, he then told me he loved me, held my hand tightly, tears rolling down his face, he started breathing hard, I yelled for the nurse, they took him out, I believe that's when they did the burr holes. They put him on a ventillator, and they told me he was in a deep coma. So much was done to try to help him, they also did a bone flap surgery to remove the hematomas. We were in St. Louis for 13 days, no anuerysm, tumor, or injury was ever found...this was a mystery, it had the Dr.'s stummped. Death was imminent. I chose to remove the life support per my husbands wishes, because we had talked all of this over before he got so bad. I brought him home to take care of him with the help of hospice and he died on the 22nd of February 2006.
My question is what on earth caused this to happen? He worked 12 years in a molded rubber plant, could the chemicals there have done this? Or the high triglycerides? Is this genetic? Should I be worried for our 3 kids and grandkids? Do they get tested, if so, for what? How? Why? Help!


-Also, no autopsy was done, because I didn't have the $2,000.00 cash that they wanted up front before they would even perform the autopsy.

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