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Please help: Brainpressure, dizzyness, neckpain, cognitive problems

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  • Posted By: Arlette Heskes
  • July 16, 2008
  • 00:10 AM

I hope somebody can help me. The pressure on top of my head, on one side, feels like being under water in a swimming pool. People experience that I don't pay attention/ I don't hear them (I am dizzy). I experience cramps in my head which result in cramps in my body, lower back pain, diarrhea. I have to lay flat on the floor immediately because the world spins. I have to pass out for it's really hard to keep my eyes open. Afterwards I'm exhausted. Now it has come to a point that I experience this day and night. I have to make notes, because otherwise I don't remenber and cannot do more than one thing at a time anymore, otherwise I forget what I was doing or didn't hear the other person. Driving gives me unbearable neck/backpain and can trigger the cramps in my head, as do moving objects. Sometimes I find myself yawning for oxygene, especially when I have to eat. If I've eaten well, the cramps in my head begin, then my back, then again diarrhea, then I have to pass out. I wake up desoriented. On a daily base I have what I call "black-outs" where one eye start trembling, getting smaller than the other, start staring. I have to squeeze myself or keep talking to keep myself awake sometimes. That talking bothers people, because I have a hard time retaining the information that they give me and they often have to repeat themselves or I repeat myself. The doctors in my country so far haven't taken me serious. Now I hope somebody with similar experiences or somebody with a medical background can help me, because I am getting worse every day and I don't know how I can change it. It's hard to ignore, because the pressure is always there, day and night.

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  • I forgot to say I live in Holland. MRI and CT scan have been taken. The only thing they could see was some degeneration between C3-C4 and C4-C5, which was normal (according to them). I am 35 years old. No head-injury I know of, though it has been called a whiplash by a therapist, another doctor called it fybromyalgy/ hyperflexibility. After a while, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis. I don't use any medication. The problems started around 2001, when I experienced chronical sinusitis. During that period I had an experience like something "snapped"in my brain (around 2002). Blood was coming out of my nose on a regular base.
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  • Later, in that same year, in 2002, I had a sceptum correction, in order to breath better. I didn't help at all. I had to sneeze constantly afterwards. I went to Florida for a week, got a high fever and an infection and went back home. After the anasthetics I couldn't get into a deep sleep anymore, I seemed too alert, almost like on constant adrenaline. After a while that changed completely. I appeared drowsy and totally disturbed and startled when f.e. somebody talked to me unexpectedly, almost as if that person woke me up from my dream during broad daylight. My reflexesbecame sharpened. I fell one time and broke my hand because I didn't pay attention, as if I wasn't there.
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  • Thank you for answering. Indeed, since about the time I moved to this house I'm living in (1997), I've been well aware of what I called "radiation". It started out with tiredness, not being able to slep well because of the high frequenty noises, my one ear was ringing and I could hear all the equipment from the neighbours through the walls. I tried to solve the problem by being as much away from home as possible, trying to sleep somewhere else (f.e. at my sisters') when I couldn't ignore my tiredness anymore. Overalll I tried to ignore it. Later. I kept my house and travelled around the world in order to gain energy and find a place to rest my head. Travelling can be exhausting, so I often had to return home sick. Once home, I only got weaker and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Later I was too tired to think about going away and couldn't work nor dance anymore. I tried to move 3 times, but for different reasons I couldn't move at that time (unrelated to the subject). Now I only live on social security/ an allowance for disabled people similar like that and there's no place to go, no money no energy left...Question: what did you do, did you manage to find a place where you actually do feel better? Is there such a place? In Holland, where I live, the houses and the infrastructure are piled on top of eachother. In this small country we have over 16 million people! My cellphone is more off than on. This is the situation: houses from aroud 1930, very thin walls and you can hear everything that's going on at the neighbours. Lots of houses attached. Mine in the middle. Underneath my bedroom the neighbours made their kithcen with a refridgerator, freezer, dishwashing machine, washing machine, dryer, microwave, oven, electric ventilation through the window. They also build a heating system in their shed which makes noises non-stop, day and night. Same for their aircondition-system from their toilet/ bathroom in my son's room. You hear their water running constantly, flushing, showering, shaking in my bed as their dryer starts early in the morning. The neighbours attached have build a new central heating system in the wall, the other attached neighbours their internet connection and phoneline (I can hear everything they say, including hearing when their messages arrive). The same neighbours has his kitchen ventilation ending next to my son's window. The houses are about 65 - 75m2. In the livingroom it's not much different. Televisions and computers from me and all the neighbours, gas heating from me and central heating from the attached neighbours. Electric streetlights that shine directly into my window, which looks out at the front on a busy street there's often work on. Heavey truck run by and make the houses shake. Other neighbourhoods are worse. I live in a decent neighborhood, at least the best I can afford. Floors are made of wood and straw, walls are made of bricks.
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  • Maybe you have brain disorder so calledHydrocephalus. Because those symptomscan be felt if you have hydrocephalus,try reading about hydrocephalus stories,and symptoms or better yet consult your nearest doctor
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