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permenant or long term brain damage at 21?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 7, 2010
  • 05:10 PM

9 days ago: attended a rock concert with my friends to celebrate college graduation! While crowd surfing, I fell 7 feet onto concrete, hitting my head, neck, and back. I felt a little shaken, so I rested for about an hour with drooling, pain, confusion: typical symptoms of a concussion. I felt better, so I drank a cup of water, had a little something to eat, bought a beer and continued to enjoy the show. I had a headache and went to bed early.

8 days ago: woke up feeling fine. My back was sore and I had a headache. I took it easy at work and avoided heavy lifting as I felt week. My fiance and I continued our search for a house, driving around between two or three counties and attending a few showings, then our friends came over to my apartment for cocktails afterwords. We got a lot more drunk than we planned on. Awoke the next day with a hangover. Otherwise, felt fine.

5 days ago: awoke to do grocery shopping, cleaning, and other household tasks. Felt fine. Did household work for about four hours, then started feeling very faint. I had pain in my chest and strange, violent heart rhythms. Started throwing up. I called into work and took that night and the next day off. I decided it must be a flu or the heat. I woke up the next day after 18 hours of sleep feeling fine. We picked up his son, looked at a couple houses, and took him fishing, then to the playground. I was climbing through tubes on the playground with the little booger. I looked forward to returning to work the next day.

An hour later: I pull over on my drive home feeling faint after a very painful heart rhythm. The world was going black, and I paced beside my car to try to make myself feel better. I called my fiance to come take me to the hospital. I "came to" again and drove my car home (I was only a block away at this point). I parked it and waited, wondering if I made the right decision. I was almost feeling normal.

20 minutes later: I was in the car with my fiance a few blocks from the hospital. I started feeling faint again, painful heart rhythms, then it hurt to breathe. Trying to keep him calm, I downplayed my symptoms. We arrived and couldn't find a parking spot. I told him to pull over, then collapsed at the check-in for the ER. My fiance said I had a full-body seizure. When I awoke, the left side of my body and face was numb. I resembled a stroke patient; I could only talk out of the right side of my mouth. I thought I was dying, and so did he. They did some imaging, found nothing, and sent me home with a diagnosis of panic disorder. I do not have any history of psychological illness and I certainly do not have an anxiety problem.

Since then: I cannot drive without getting sick. I can't even ride in another person's car for more than ten minutes without throwing up. I am supposed to return to work tomorrow and have no clue how I'm going to get there. I'm constipated beyond anything I've ever experienced and can barely eat. The neurologist can't see me until much later in the week. I shake constantly and have been having 2-3 petit mal seizures a day. I have never had seizures. I've been experiencing sharp, shooting pain all over my body. I have obvious memory problems and cannot take directions or communicate effectively right now. My friends and family stop by often as they are very worried about me. Rumors are circulating among them that I have a drug problem. I do not use drugs. I am a very healthy, athletic 21 year old woman with no history of any health problems.

I worry all the time. I can't afford any more emergency room visits and they don't seem very keen on helping me, anyways. If I return to the ER, it has to be another county's, as the hospital in my city offered little help and basically told me that they think I'm faking. How worried about this should I be? Is it possible that I have long-term or permanent brain injury at 21 years old? Am I going to die before I make it to the neurologist? And is there anything I can do at home to ease the symptoms?

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