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My Take On Ice-Pick-Headaches

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 3, 2011
  • 02:14 AM

I can't help but defiantly ignore the caveat proposed in the privacy notice. Like you, my fellow IPH sufferers, I cannot bear to encumber these headaches any longer. My episodes are onset, and they usually last from five to fifteen seconds, in two to three extensive zaps. I yearn for someone (or persons) that directly empathize with that I experience. Although the pain is excruciating, the after-effects, which I will delineate shortly, I believe, are much more arduous to endure. I feel compelled to offer my e-mail address so that, perhaps, someone and I would console one another during said episodes.

Aside from the IPH, I suffer from classic and complex migraines—that is, I suffer from the classical nauseating and painful headaches and the frightening, but thankfully ephemeral hemiplegic (one-sided weakness) migraines. If any of you remember what happened to Ms. Serene Branson on live television after the Grammy's in 2011, you'll understand exactly to what I'm referring. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ5P6RUvbVM.)

What seems to trigger my episodes are a list of foods and emotional attitudes. For example, I had eaten nothing but organic food all day; consequently, I've felt fine. I gluttonously ate an preservative-ridden snack. Minutes later, boom—utter pain. After my attack, I feel somewhat lethargic, and my vision in on eye—depending on the side of the head I feel pain, my vision—blurs. I also seem to be feeling a sensation of pins and needles on my right side. My migraine triggers are chocolate, heavy doses of caffeine, any type of preservative, and tomato-based soups. I'm sure that I'm missing others. I also notice that my neck becomes very tense, again, on one side, when these episodes happen. Stress is an obvious trigger. What disconcerts me the most is that it seems like it takes less stress to induce said attacks as time passes by.

I've had countless MRIs and CT scans performed on me, enough for doctors to worry more about radiation exposure than an actual neurological problem. Needless to say, all results came back with "unremarkable" results except for a minor cerebellar ectopia, which, according to all neurologists I've seen, is generally innocuous. I've had my blood drawn so many times that drug addicts would think I'm one of them. All results suggest—as that is all they can do—that all is as it should be. It would make sense if these arbitrary IPH are somehow related to migraines, which, in themselves, are inexplicable phenomena.

I am currently taking five and ten milligrams of Enalapril—an ACE Inhibitor—to reduce my blood pressure. Without the aforesaid drug, my systolic blood pressure become very erratic. It would usually rest between the 130s and 140s. Rarely would I see it reach the 150s. My diastolic numbers never go over 90. On the drug, it rests between the 120s and 130s. I'm 5'8, and I'm overweight; I weigh, precisely, 211 lbs. Ironically, it is this drug that abates my classic migraines. Without my doctor's consent, I take a double-dose of Enalapril, and, consequently, my pain subsides. This maneuver would make sense, seeing as my blood pressure shoots up when I have a migraine.

If anyone would like to chat with me, I've created an e-mail address for security purposes. Reply to this post, and, by doing so, you'll be accruing an empathetic, fellow sufferer. We can discuss these matters in further detail. If not, I will continue to visit this thread to see what the rest of you have to say.

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  • They say I may have CM but only experiencing icepick sensation for few sec to minutes. More stroke like symptoms. ...any idea where I can turn?
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