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Dementia (Age 15)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 20, 2007
  • 03:48 AM

Hi my Names Anthony, I live in England, About 5-6 Months ago I started to feel as if my Memory and thinking was fading alittle, It was a big shock to me because I've always been really clever and could remember things what happened months and even years ago, I always got A's in all my exams ect, None of my family suffer from Dementia or Alz, Over the past few months its getting worst and I'm starting to fail exam, Lately my attention span has got alot worst.

I've had problems since a couple of years (about 2-3 years), I started having problems with my nervous system, Part of my Chest and side of my head went numb, This was just after I started loosing alot of weight and not eating much, I went to the doctors which wasn't much help (he didn't really have clue what could be happaning to me) I got really depressed and started to go bed very late, Also i stopped going to my friends because of cause I was depressed and i got hooked on a computer game called World of Warcraft (For people who don't know its a really addictive online game, Where you play with other people and fight all different creatures ect), I still went school and got on with it.

I was now 14 in year 10, For some reason I started hanging around with the wrong crowd (Maybe its because I was quite Insecure about myself), I started messing around in school and got in alot of trouble and started smoking, I got send to a Centre for bad pupils, There it was fine for afew days untill I got into a fight with someone about the same age of me, It was one of those school boy fights where we didn't hit one another, But just got each other in a headlock, We both walked off afterwards, About a week later I was walking to school and someone sneaked up to me I turned around and he hit me with a powerful metel object on the left side of my face, He knocked me out, Dunno how long i was out for, I woke up there was blood over the pavement (He had slit my lip wide open and knocked one of my teeth out) I walked to the hospital, Where I got my lip stitched, I spoke to the police about this guy (He ended up being the brother of the guy I had a fight on a week before, He was in his 20's, He was big and very well build)I also had anesia of what happaned just before the fight.

After that inccident, I tried to turn my life around, My parents were very happy with my improvement, So was I, I started getting A's again and all was good untill I got lightheaded and a day after I knew something was wrong, My memory and thinking faded i started to forget things which was not like me at all, I went to a new doctor, He gave some bloodtests I found out i had Iron deficiency (Anemia), I stated taking vitamins, It made me feel abit more energetic but didn't clear my impairment to memory and thinking problems, The next doctor appointment he made an appointment to the hospital, I met with the hospital doctor he gave me more bloodtests, They found i also was alittle low on Vitamin E (Need to take another test to make sure), The doctor also needs to do afew tests for my nerves and brain, Which will be soon, The past few days its getting worst, My concentation is very bad now.

I'm Very Worried and like i wrote it could be a number of things
Vitamin deficiency, Nervous System, Migraines (which i suffer from), Head injury from metel object, Depression or Not enough sleep.

Afew other things that could be a symptom, I get electric shocks down my body which makes me shake for afew seconds, When this all started I was feeling dizzy alot.

Sorry for writing a tread so long, I'm just very scared.


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  • Hi Anthony,I was just wondering how you are doing? What was the final result from the rest of the tests?Have you ever tried Acupuncture? It is amazing. Worth looking into.Hope you are doing better.Masuzi
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 6, 2009
    • 04:29 AM
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