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Dandy Walker Variant, guessing, and coping

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 3, 2009
  • 09:00 PM

I've recently been diagnoed with DW - probably the more mild DWV - after my first brain scan at nearly 40 years of age. It cleared up a few questions I had - which I'll get into before the main query if any are interested, becuase they relate to the problem of misdiagnosis on one's own part.

I'm not a doctor, but I used to be one for Halloween. :-) (A little play on that old commercial.) Just doing research on the 'Net, I thought very mild Asperger's Syndrome was possible, with my logical nature at times, my difficulty getting used to new things, and a few other things, including some of the patterns and intense focus of those with AS. However, while shy and needing encouragement to make friends, I never had that many social difficulties, which owas the one thing that kept me thinking, maybe that's not it. (Not sure about the PDD-Not Otherwise Specififed.) I also wondered about a few spells I had of staring straight ahed for a little less than a minute - since they never got any worse, I figured it was TIAs I had when I was really stressed, before a job change helped make them go away. (I still think 1-2 of a minute or less in length could have been, but TIA symptoms don't last, or at leas tnot much, from what I've read.)

However, after a small fall and brain scan, they found DWV, and suddenly a lot of things are falling into place. (Including where my choroid coloboma is from.) I feel a little bad posting here, becuase so many of you or your loved ones seem to have more challenges than I have. However, I do want to encourage others, also, that they can achieve a lot; I have a law degree, Masters in another field, live on my own, and my only real problem is I can't see to drive. (Well, the economy, but hat's all of us :-) I do a lot of volunteer work at my church, and I love working with other people. So, I'm sure even with more challenges than mine,, you or your loved ones will be able to achieve something; after all, I give all the credit to the Lord.

I've even figured out a way to sort of break out of these small spells where I might "zone out" a bit, staring as if I was having a small spell a few times when I'm too stressed. I've always had plenty of imaginary friends. A jolt, like a telephone ringing, will snap me out of it; so, I imagine (often verbalizing if alone) one of them doing something like sneaking up behind me and saying "Boo!" Yeah, real corny, I know; but it actually works for me. I'm not saying using these will help everyone, but mine have always been a real encouragement for me. (And, I know in my midn they're really me. Or, am I them? :-) Times when i stopped using such imaginaries were the times I had the most problems mentally, in fact.

Anyway, I hope this is an encouragement that you or your loved ones can overcome this and go on to live normal lives. You may not even have to use the silly things I have - we each are given individual gifts to help us cope. I have lots of real friends and a great family, too. It's just that some of us are born witht he need for a little extra help.

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