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brain quivering feeling HELP

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  • Posted By: adellore
  • March 12, 2008
  • 08:40 AM

My brain trembles as do my eyes, for a minute or so, not continuously, it is getting more and more frequent the past two months.
face feels numb under eyes on cheeks which has slowly increased over the past few months. I can't keep memories straight, not even what I did yesterday, I have to really think about it and more and more I can't remember.
I can't find anything about this online. The feeling of my brain actually trembling inside my head is bizarre, the way my eyes tremble also feels so strange and I have no control over it, nothing seems to bring it on and getting up and moving around doesn't stop it, nothing does, it just stops on its own:confused:. It is a bit scarry.
Any ideas, anyone???

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  • this may be a case of a panic attack ...i'd suggest you seek help from a doctor and try to not stress over it "I KNOW NOT EASY BUT HAVE INNER PEACE FOR NOW THAT ITS NOT GOING TO KILL YOU AND ITS A TEMPORARY ISSUE UNTIL YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT IT IS A SERIOUS ISSUE OTHERWISE YOU MAY BE UNCONSCOUSLY FREAKING YOURSELF OUT WHICH IN MOST CASES IS A "NORMAL RESPONSE WHEN A FEELING IS NEW OR STRANGE AND WE CANT CONTROL OUR ENVIRONMENT AS WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO...i know for me i say god keep me safe and go day by day and try to not worry and these forums altho they can be very useful also can tend to make one worry when read others "who have similar symptoms but worse ones as well and we freak assuming we have something larger then it is...ALTHO at the same time doctors dont know everything by any means and having alternative places like this for many are great but if the case of panic attacks or anxiety "where ya mind races and heart feels as if racing having 'thoughts of worse and death and the im going mad feelings these types of forums can also lead to mass hysteria and MOST DOCTORS AGREE "dont self diagnose yourself" do keep in mind while docs dont know evrything they do have "order" they use and most often is the proper order "NOT ALWAYS THO" but if ya seem to be panicing they give ya somethng for that when it may be othr thngs causing it but without removin that symptom "MOST LIKELY CASE CENARIO they cant get to the next likely ..but this takes time and most often can be a frustating process and make us feel as if "we wont make it till they find out and its taking forever but "patience is a virtus stands true and we need to try to follow the steps OF SOMEONE WHO DOES KNOW SOMETHING "DOCTORS" even tho they dontnknow everything they are educated to do steps and "those steps are very important in diagnoses of what it is thats wrong with a patient....ER technician for 12 yrs -Dave
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  • Hi Dave,Thanks for replying although it's not a panic attack. Unfortunately I am used to my body giving me problems, I recently had a very painful cervical stenosis c 5,6,7,8 discs were removed because of the narrowing of my spine and the degenerative disc disease the discs were pushing on my spinal cord, caused damage and numbness, partial paralysis in my arms and hands, now I have a lovely huge vertical scar just to the left center of my throat. The drs also chipped bone out of my hip to fuse my spine. The pain from that is so completely painful, more than childbirth and it still is painful 9 months later. I don't panic about new pains, I'm frustrated although, very sick of having yet another problem. I'm still trying to recover from this last surgery.I didn't seek help for my back problems even when I had such horrible back pain (about 5 years ago my back pains and numbness in my arms and legs started) and I let it go not wanting to deal with more doctors (no offense to any drs, just sick of being sick) and about 2 years ago I had discs rupturing, causing partial paralysis to my legs, learned I have degenerative disc disease throughout entire spine, as well as stenosis throughout and bleeding throughout. 4 spinal surgeries, the cervical stenosis one, laminectomy, discectomy L5, tumor removal. Not seeking medical attention when I should have years ago left me in worse shape, I learned I could have started physical therapy, strengthening of my stomach muscles to help my back strength and maybe had less spinal problems but I didn't and I knew deep down something was really wrong, I just ignored it though.The same with what's going on now, I know this is just wrong and I don't want to run to the dr, i've had my fill of drs. but its not panic. I ignore symptoms and pretend they aren't there, not good I know. I just hope if you or someone has any idea about this you'll post it. Thank you again Dave, I appreciate you taking the time.
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  • I have that brain quivering too, and it is not a panic attack - I've had panic attacks, they are absolutely not the same.adellore- If you find anything else on the quivering sensation, like what it is and where it comes from, will you let me know the website? I seriously think I am having brain damage because I keep forgeting ALOT of things.write2rena@go.com
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  • Hi Rena, I also have memory loss. Not sure if it's related but it seems to be. The memory loss is the most disturbing.:(I have searched on line and found posts about people telling their doctors about the brain zaps and quivering and the doctors either didn't believe it, say it's nothing, or do MRIs and found nothing. I did find several people saying it's a reaction from Effexor and I think Paxil withdrawl, even people being off the medicine for months, or needing to up their dose to stop the quivering or still being on the medicine and missing a day and they get these shocks. I haven't been on those medicines so it didn't apply to me but if anyone has these and took or takes those medicines it may be that.Rena if I do find something that seems to relate I'll definately pass it along to you. Please do the same for me. Thanks-Adellore
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  • hi!I'm feeling exactly the same!it can possibly be anxiety related, it can be electro-sensitivity... i dont know, but it freaks me out.it happens if i'm at home and get scared for any reason...not normal and very scary stuff...how s it going?
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  • Was just wondering if you ever found out what was going on in your body? I too experience the "storm" inside my body, dizziness, irregular periods, memory loss and the list goes on...
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  • About the brain quivering feeling, I just found out that I was having "simple partial seizures". I had a real bad brain quiver about 2 years ago that scared me horribly. It made me so dizzy I had to grab hold of the washer machine. I was so nausous after . . .it toook me awhile to recover. Now they are just little quivers - I call them "brain spasms", but they still make me dizzy and make me feel funny. The eye movements could be nystagmus. I have that as well. Especially when the seizures are not under control or I am tired. I would suggest the you go see a Neurologist. . . if these are seizures, you don't want to play around with it. . . yet on top of it all, ****s Heals!!!!
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    • November 30, 2010
    • 06:48 PM
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  • I was goning to wait until kindergarden but this position came up and is only 10 minutes from home, and yes I would have family watch them. Just feeling guilty about leaving them. Never left them with anyone but my mom .
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