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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 3, 2006
  • 05:40 AM

I dont know how long this site has been here but incase someone with or who thinks they might have Aspergers ends up here and is discouraged by the lack of postings....I would like to refer you to google..."wrong Planet" it has been very helpful for me.I am not trying to promote that site above anyothers but it just happens to be the first I found that gave me a sense of what Aspergers is for those who have it or are in the process of diagnoses,or even self diagnosed due to lack of resources or knowledgable professionals where they live.

I have been DX with...(from 16-29...when I stopped asking for psycs opinions),depression,alcoholism,avoidant personality disorder,stress induced psychotic break,attachment disorder and not BPD but having charictoristics of BPD...probably brought on by states of intoxication...ie...black outs....
Anyway, I stoppped going to counselors around 1991,and Aspergers is not well known now and not in psyc manual then(I dont think,maybe 1994),so,they did the best they could but I am 90% positive that if I went now to someone who is informed about AS, that they would DX that condition.I also, think there are many others who are misdiagnosed due to the lack of or misinformation out there about AS. Many adults who have gone undiagnosed have learned to "cope" ,but not reached our full potential ,due to lack of resources to accomidate some of the limitations of this syndrome

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  • Hi. Great post. You're right. WrongPlanet is a great source of support for aspies. My aspie son, now 17, found the site a couple of years ago, and it was a great relief for him - a place he could go and not have to "pretend to be normal," where he could communicate with people who understand exactly what's going on with him. You're also right about the lack of information on Aspergers until recently. When my son was little, we were told PDD-NOS and that was it. There was nothing available for parents or teachers, let alone the kid himself to try to understand. Things have moved a long way in the right direction, but the world is still a cold place for aspies.Good luck to you.
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    • January 15, 2007
    • 02:35 AM
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