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Are my symptoms normal for a concussion, what can i do to recover

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  • Posted By: dspears31415
  • April 21, 2012
  • 10:17 PM

To anyone willing to read and respond. I was in a car accident about 1.5 months ago. It was an almost head on collision at 50 mph(other driver just drove into front of my vehicle). I hit my head on something but blacked out briefly and dont know on what, i assume windshield through airbag due to cracked windshield. I was diagnosed at ER with concussion and whiplash, then refered to a neurologist by private practice doctor. since then i have experienced daily to constantly a range of symptoms that worry me. I see spots and neon non geometric shapes in field of vision, and it is difficult to focus on objects, they seem to shake or wiggle , and it s difficult to describe but it's like static in the air or like the refresh rate is not quite fast enough, leaving the impression that it is light and darker very quickly. Plain colored surfaces(walls and such) are the worst for the colors, and things in rows or grids( mini blinds, the lines of text on computer) are the worst for not being able to focus, they seem do dance and it it hard to concentrate enough to see for long.I have frequent headaches sometimes so bad i cannot function , have to turn off all stimulus( lights sounds) and lay in dark until it gets better or i can sleep. If i shake my head it will almost immediately start a headache and it feels like my brain is rattling around loose and pushing on my eyes and temples. At random intervals and intensities i have shooting pains and tingling feelings, mainly in head and extremities, but all over body. They seem to come from nowhere and can be very intense sometimes causing me to loose function of whatever is in pain, lasting from briefly to a few minutes. and then disappearing completely. Most of the muscles in my body also shake or jitter and i wake up frequently sweating and shaking for several minutes. That is when i am able to sleep due to other pains, mostly neck and back, which crack and pop like celery when i am able to move them. I feel as if time since the accident are a fog, many things seem blurry and days are difficult to differentiate. I often feel disorented and confused . as example, when driving i will look at familiar scenery and for a moment its as if i have never seen before, and have no knowledge of any information about the area, or relation to my life. Or especially in the beginning i would replace words and not realize i had misspoke, and when ppl talk to me i hear sound but only understand as garbles, have to ask to repeat often. For the first 4 weeks i had lost feeling in the tips of my index and tumb on right hand, i now feel them but its like i smashed with a hammer recently, feels swollen and huge. About 2 weeks after the accident i started to notice that i was frequently hearing a high pitch noise( several times/ day) and now it is almost always present most of the time faintly but sometimes so loud i look for object making noise as it seems real. After 5 weeks of these symptoms and not being able to work i was able to see the neurologist. I attempted to communicate what i just have although i do not believe i was able to be as thorough as my thoughts are scattered and this has taken some time to compile, but he took many notes. then gave me a fairly basic reflex test, and told me i passed the neurological exam. No MRI or anything( i did already provide xrays and CT scans, but had been told i would likely need the mri) He did not really tell me anything other than that, and i am at a loss. he did prescribe pamolin to help with sleep and anxiety, and confirmed i had a concussion and whiplash. and told me he would write to my doctor, but that leaves me in the dark until i can afford to go back to the doctor again( as i have no insurance and have not been able to work i dont know when that will be.) So my questions after all of that are, is this normal/ to be expected. if so how long. what should i do next. should i seek another neurologists opinion, or ask for an mri, or is this standard procedure for treatment. Are there any suggestions on how to improve/reduce these issues... im so lost. Thank you to anyone who is willing to provide any insite.

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