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whats normal....?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 3, 2006
  • 05:16 AM

Whats normal....I had a bowl of whole wheat cereal and went to bed,woke 6 hours later and had two cups of coffee with packet of hot cocoa mix(suger)and about 20 cough drops,300 calories over the next 7 hours,but nothing else to eat:eek: ,yes I am a lunatic.....that wasn't the question...:D ....I began to feel light headed and happen to work with diabetics ,so I checked my blood suger out of curiosity...and low and behold..it was 53....I didnt go into a coma ...I ate a big bowl of raisen bran...about 90 carbs and 40 grams of suger and retested an hour later and was up to 80 and feeling fine...does this seem like a normal reation...given the ridiculous way I consume suger...I became addicted to cough drops about a year ago and eat about 50 a day...and yes, I am a recovering(15 years)alcoholic with a family history of alcoholism,adult on set diabetes,depression and obessiety....at 5'3" and 150 Im on my way to all the above, also have a hypothyroid and cant seem to get the right adjustment in my synthroid(i think....still have symptoms even when TSH test,says Im ok...)would appriciate any enlightment ....

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  • i am a diabetic a normal blood sugar level is 80 to 120 a fasting blood sugar is 140 due to nothing by mouth since midnight. if you continue this you need to keep peppermints on hand to raise your sugar level. you should seek professional help due to the fact that a person that has a low blood sugar from time to time usally endsd up in later life to become a diabetic. my sugar level was alway so low that i carried around packs of sugar in my pockets at work as a health care provider. please see to this as it does damage to your vital organs. orange juice with sugar in it raises it fast also :) good luck and i hope i have been some help to you
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  • I also have hypothyroid and have found that it can greatly affect blood sugar because the liver will operate sluggishly, storing glucose too slowly. Hypoglycemia is the faulty processing of carbohydrates. I have heard that Synthroid does not work well for alot of people. I tried Armour and it seemed to work ok for awhile, but then I started feeling bad again. My new Dr. checked Free T3 and Free T4 levels as well as TSH. I'm having better success with sustained release T3 and separate T4 which has also greatly improved the low blood sugar situation. You might try asking your Dr. to recheck your blood levels and ask if he will allow a change in medication. If you don't get results you might want to check with a Dr. in your area that really knows and understands thyroid. It can impact everything in your body, i.e. weight gain, blood sugar, depression, etc. Best of luck-hope this helps!
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