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Just got my hospital records...

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  • Posted By: goche21
  • March 19, 2008
  • 03:18 AM

Some of it made my hair raise. I'm sure no one remembers me, but I was induced and had to have a hysterectomy because of a severe hemorrhage. The doctor told me that he had to induce because my amniotic fluid was low, but the hospital report says it was fine, but I am noticing a few odd numbers on my blood tests.
I knew I had a potassium level of 2.2 upon arriving, they managed to make it spike at 3.3 before inducing. ((not waiting for it to stabilize. Now I'm reading that my red blood cell count, hemoglobin count, and hematocrit count were all low, while my absolute neutrophils were high. Whenever I go to see what exactly this means eclampsia keeps popping up ((not pre-eclampsia, just eclampsia.)) Now I'm confused and scared, I don't know why the doctor lied to me, or why he didn't tell me my levels were off.

What happened to me in that hospital?

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  • Doesn't anyone have any ideas?
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  • as far as i am aware eclampsia is the full blown thing.....& pre-eclampsia is the stage leading up to it........eclampsia is highly dangerous to Mum & baby.....so once they see pre-eclampisa they rush to save mum & baby. I think u are very lucky u both survied this ! What i am telling u is just my general knowledge on it, i think its right ! Its like pre-natal.....b4 baby is born and post natal is after baby is born ! if u get my drift ? does this answer ur question ? :)Also this would have been an extreme emergency & they would not under any circumstances hang around & see how it goes attitute. You & baby would have been lost !Im glad ur both well now..............enjoy ur baby, they grow up so fast !!! :)
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  • What I need to know is if it was eclampsia, or something else. I don't know if it was doctor error, a neuromuscular disorder ((my doctor keeps pressing that's what it was)) or something else. I need to know why he induced me when so many things were off in my lab reluts, why he lied to me about my amniotic fluid being low, and if any of this is even relevant.
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  • Im sorry hun, wish i could help u with the actual results of ur tests, I just dont know ! hang in there someone will have the answers im sure ! rad_skw is very knowledgable she could well be ur best bet. Im sure when she's back on she will see ur post ! Also maybe someone else in the mean time will answer u ! I hope ur well after all u went through.......sorry i couldnt be of more help ! Regards :)
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  • The best place to ask questions like these.. would be your doctor's office.Saying your fluid was low is not necessarily a lie. The test results could indicate that. Unless you are a nurse, doctor, or lab technician... you would probably be better off letting them interpret the results. I mean, do you know if low RBC count and hemoglibin levels with high WBC counts are what you get when your fluid is low?Besides, high WBC count points to infection. Low hemoglobin levels can point to not enough oxygen exchange. Your doctor made the choice to induce you based on his/her experience and what they thought would be best for you and your child. If you have doubts in that, you'd be best asking them. They would be able to answer these questions... and I'm not sure any of us here can speak for exactly why things happened the way they did.
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  • My amniotic fluid index was measured at 11 cm, well within normal. The doctor led me to believe that besides my hypokalemia and slight anemia there was nothing wrong with me. He claimed that I had to be induced because of the chance of my baby getting pneumonia from breathing Meconium, but later I found out that that is not a good reason to induce. He sent my baby into shock when he broke my water because the umbilical cord was above her head. After surgery I wasn't told I was hemorrhaging, he put me under general without me knowing anything was wrong, and asked my husbands consent to do the hysterectomy. Then, afterwords he had the audacity to tell me how he had saved my life, and hey, I wasn't really planning on having more kids anyway, right? So it was no big deal! After all, would I rather be alive without a uterus, or dead with one? Later when I talked to the second doctor and asked him why they induced me without waiting for my electrolytes to level off, he told me that it was because of my amniotic fluid!
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  • Well, don't know what to tell you. Still standing by my comment that if you want answers, go to the source. You're not going to find your answer here. None of us are your doctor.
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