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Glandular Fever

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 23, 2007
  • 10:02 PM

Well so far, I've been to 3 doctors, each who managed to misdiagnose me. I said on my first visit it might be Glandular fever, he said no, its tonsilitus, so did the second one, and the 3rd one. After a blood test came back, he told me it was glandular fever.

My problem is my tonsils are so swollen, but not just, swollen, its like the white coating that tonsilitus adds, is not just a thin coating, its a really thick coating with some areas that almost have a ball growing off of it.

Because I quit smoking on the day I got this infection, i've been coughing up a lot of mucus. The problem is, with this white coating pretty much covering the whole of the back of my throat (just enough to swallow painfully and breath), the mucus can't come up through my throat, it then gets hard to breath so i'm forced to really violently cough it up, which in turn makes my throat 10 x sorer.

Anyway, I just wanted to know some people's stories with glandular fever (mono) or any other virus/infection that has similar effects. Things like the symptoms you got, symptoms you weren't supposed to get but did anyway, recovery time, suggestions etc...


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  • I have glandular fever, and i have tonnes of that white stuff on my tonsils too. Maybe not as much as you...but i find the worst thing, is that daily my tonsils seem to be increasing in size, and i'm having nightmares they will stop me breathing. As it is, breathing, yawning, eating, swallowing, everything..is insanely painful.
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  • hello i was first diagnosed with glandular fever about a year and a month ago. i have to say is this is was one of the worst experiences of my life, first my throat swelled so much i could barely breath, then as the height of the illness aproached my spleen expanded to 30cm where as its normaly 5 6 7cm, doctors were not sure how to treat this as they had never seen a spleen expand to this lenght so quickly. when i thought things where getting better i ate a gone of curry which caused me to violentley vomit causing my spleen to bleed, bascally a hematomoma(internal bleeding of an organ). a pain unlike any other. recovering ended up me spending a few weeks in hospital and along time of home recovery, i am fine now and hope that this never effects any one else like it did me jc
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  • Glandular fever stories are so nasty! I had it too and it was bad, but wow your spleen was 30cm and it was bleeding??? Ouch!!!! I got away lightly I think. I hope all you guys are doing better! Here's an encouraging post on glandular fever I found: http://richelectron.blogspot.com/2008/04/overcoming-glandular-fever.html
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  • My son was diagnosed and had positive test results for GF. He was a mess and even stayed in bed for Xmas day , not interested in presents or food. We tried Vitamn B therapy.( check our a herbalist in Australia , robert McDowell I think. Within a few days he was up and around and within 2 weeks back to normal. We have subsequently had 3 friends who have had positive tests (all teenagers) and they all have been better within days. I think its miraculous and well worth trying. We just used doulbe doses of a multi B though there is also a suggestion about extra B12 also.Hope this helps others as much as it helped us.
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  • ok, so..... My eyes are ridiculously puffy my tonsils are massive- they were huge before but now they are very nearly touching and covered in white crap. My body feels really tender and achey and sleep doesnt seem to have any refreshing or re engergising effect on me. i have had a fever the last 2weeks and a constant headache.i have been to the doctor, he told me i had a throat infection and dismissed my obese eyes with a shrug. i left with a big packet of penicillin. i have had throut infections and tonsilitous before, i am pretty prone to them as my tonsils are so massive, but they wont take them out "its not done anymore". I know this isnt a normal throut infection or tonsilitous- i feel awful.This is where it gets worse, on the 17th of this month i am flying out to thailand (in 9 days time) for 4 weeks of backpacking through laos cambodia and thailand. And after todays research on the internet i am pretty sure i have glandular fever. i have heard it can be brought on by immunisations sometimes but i'm not sure how true this is? however i did obviously have my jabs about 3 weeks ago for hep and typhoid for my travels. could this be a cause?i now have just over a week before i go away. is it way too hopeful for me to think i can still go? how long am i going to feel like this for? is there such thing as quick recovaery?how scrwed am i?
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