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Bruise for 18 months???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 7, 2006
  • 00:15 PM

For the past 18 months I keep getting a small bruise on my left calf on the inside of the leg.
It is about the size of a half dollar. I have thought of all of the possible causes such as repetitious movements in my day to day life that may cause a bruise to form there but in doing so I have changed my routine dramatically many times (sleep and sitting positions ect...). It changes all colors and lasts about a week and a half fading gradually, then right on schedule it is back as dark as ever. It never fully goes away there is always a shadow there. Also it doesn't hurt which I find is odd. I haven't had any major surgeries and I don't have any diseases or take any medicine, I don't drink or smoke. I am a 25 year old female. I am in great shape, I am in the Air Force and exercise 3-4 times a week. That includes circuit training and running about 6-8 miles a week. I am 5'7", and I weigh 130 pounds. I am white. I take daily vitamins formulated for women. I have one child, a healthy male whom is 9 months old. The bruising appeared before during and after pregnancy. I have a desk job and I probably sit an hour at a time for 6-8 hours. I go up and down many flights of stairs a day, 25-30. I do not cross my legs when I can help it. The bruise is not where I cross my legs. There is no history of heart disease or cancer in my family and no one had any skin or bleeding disorders to my knowledge. I have no allergies. The rest of my body does not bruise easily. My wounds heal at an average rate. Hair and nails grow at an average rate. I am pale with freckles, I don't tan I burn so I am stuck wearing the highest SPF sun block I can find. I have medium brown hair. I do have small varicose veins on my inner thighs, they prompted me to try not to cross my legs when I am sitting. I never have any problems with them. The most I ever weighed was 156 when I was 9 months pregnant. I typically weigh 115-120, but I haven't lost that last 10 pounds. I don't think I want to. I feel and look better at this more healthy weight. I don't have a lot of scars, my skin is stretchy and you can see my veins clearly under my skin, also I am very flexible.

Everything is fine but this one small bruise that has been here for about 18 months.

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  • I would definitly look into a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Some of the diagnostic criteria include - joint pain/easy dislocation, soft velvety stretchy skin, fragile skin that tears or bruises easily, veins easily visible through skin, hypermobility of the joints. There are many other symptoms depending on the type - 6 major types. It is a very rare disease and is often missed or diagnosed as something else. I am currently being checked for this myself as I am - very pale and burn to a crisp, you can see alot of veins in my body (i look like a road map) fragile skin, unexplained bruising, chest pains, characteristic facial appearance (thin nose, small chin, large eyes, lobeless ears). Check out the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation for more information. My symptoms started 4 years ago, but dramatically worsened after my pregnancy. Hope this helps, and good luck in your search for an answer.
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    • February 16, 2007
    • 09:06 PM
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