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almost a year now my three year old has been battling blood counts!

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  • Posted By: jamiecoyle
  • January 15, 2013
  • 06:35 PM

Janurary 17th 2012 ashton my son was two years old at the time.
sleeping abour 20 hours out of the day
would fall asleep playing in the snow
constantly getting colds
contantly getting fevers
not eating
TURNED to him getting Mono, getting ear infections back to back, losing weight and now holding current weight
he has had nurmorus pale white stools, rash that comes and goes over his skin, mouth looks like a thin layer on top of his tougne in circular shapes, fills full
, complains of fullness feeling, his stomach pain is right below rib in middle, fevers and colds come and go randomly but more frequantly. pale skin,
bruises easily, gums and jaw hurts, bleeds when brushing at times. night sweats (really bad), cough worst at night, shortness of breath, gets tired easy, does not play
as much.
from then on we ran some test (CBC) from left to right is the latest set we have ran over two months
WBC 5.9 4.4 L 4.6 L 6.6
RBC 3.95 4.19 4.03 3.98
HGB 11.1 11.1 11.9 11.2
HCT 32.2 32.2 34.6 32.7
MCV 81.6 81.6 82.7 82.2
MCH 28.1 28.1 28.4 28.3
MCHC 34.2 34.4 34.3 34.4
RDW 13.0 13.0
PLATELETS 302 262 281
mvp 7.1 L
neut% 35.4
lYMPH% 54.1
MONO% 7.1 H
EOS% 3.0
BASO% 0.0
NEUT# 1.4 1.6 L
LYMPH# 2.6 2.5
MONO#0.3 0.3
EOS#0.1 0.1
BASO# 0.0 0.0
creatine .50
December 27th he was tested
Hemoglobin 11.2(L)
Hematocrit 32.7(L)
iron 115
iton binding 381
iron saturation 30.2
coagulation panel
Protime 12.5
INR 1.0
one out of three feces tested positive for blood
iGa 51.0
iGg 423.00
IgM 43.0 (L)

chest xray and abdomen xray shows nothing. head ct clear
more test still coming

ashton symptoms, some have come and go and others have stayed the same
really bad night sweats, strong oder
coughs mostly at night
enlarged lymph nodes in neck and at times in groin
he complains of pain and has dropped to the floor telling us lower center rib, sturnum location
white pale stools
visible blood in stools (not every time)
urinates frequently (daily he cant make it to the potty)
fevers out of no where but i do get them down
rash- it comes and goes red dots
tougne- from what i have reserched it looks like what is called white or pale tougne. shaped like figures on the top layer missing.
comes and goes but getting more frequent
is not active as much as i would like still, just gets tired easily
gets full fast, or is not hungry
pale pale skin, its been pale for a while now- his eyes have almost a redish purple tint, i look closly we can now see his veins in his eye lids.
brusies easily
gets sleepy very easily
wakes up at night sweating and fevers come then usually.
he wears a mask when we go out in public and so far it has slowed down how many times he gets sick!
he had tested postivie for mono back in feburary at age 2.
has had back to back ear infections and colds - the mask has helped us
negitive for turberculosis
his doctor was worried over the WBC count dropping then rising and then it just stayed low, now its up to normal range, in a week it goes from bad to good to bad. this is the first time in a year his WBC
count was normal, since Feb 2012. His alkine keeps getting higher, along with other things. we do not want to get a bone marrow test if we dont have to, if by
any chance you see something that we could do or anything please let me know. my son is now three years old and is starting to back track on developing and its just getting worst, Ashton has not been active for longer than 10 minutes since last December, he is now pronouncing words incorrectly along with forgetting his numbers.

thank you

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