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15 year old - lump on back left of neck, help me with a diagnosis please!

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  • Posted By: myusername28
  • March 13, 2007
  • 08:46 PM

:confused:i am a 15 year old girl who. i have a lump on the back left of my neck and it has been there for about 3 months. 3 months ago i had a lymph node infection where three of my lymp nodes were swollen, including the one that is swollen now. 2 of them went away, but the one i have now didn't, this was also the biggest lymph node. i asked my doctor, who i don't really like because he isn't a good doctor, why it didn't go away. he said he doesn't know. it wasn't even in a sarchastic manner. i looked my doctor up and under my insurance plan it says he isn't board certified. this made me very upset because here i am that i might have something serious and he won't diagnose me because he didn't sit through his medical tests. anyway the lump is very weird. it is tender about a half an inch big and it isn't above the skin. also it can only be felt in certain positions. my mom is taking me to emergency on saturday march 17 but i am very concerned and nervous to go. if anybody has symptoms like this please let me know because im very upset about it and i need to know if it is serious or not and if it can be treated, if i need a biopsy, etc.. im soooo nervous!!:eek:

ALSO I FORGOT TO ADD THAT I HAVE BEEN MORE SECEPTIBLE TO GETTING SICK. I CATCH COLDS VERY EASILY AND VIRUSES TOO. I HAVE HAD A LOW IMMUNE SYSTEM, ANEMIA, AND HYPOGLYCEMIA... BUT I SEEM TO BE MORE SUCEPTIBLE TO ILLNESS SINCE I HAD THE LUMP. i figured this might be important information. my doctor thinks im crazy and that this lump is all in my head, i have researched and people have similar problems but i cant find out if it is serious or not. PLEASE POST A REPLY IF YOU CAN !!

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  • Hi, I am a nursing student and currently studying the lymph system. What you have is not uncommon and I wouldn't worry. Actually my daughter had the same problem when she was 16 and it evenually went away. As a child she would often have swollen lymph nodes in her neck around the time she was fighting of a cold or infection. Sometimes you get an infection in the node itself. It is, after all, a filter where your body traps all the bad guys such as bacteria and wages a battle against them using the white blood cells of your immune system. If the white blood cells don't succeed, the node has a localized infection and remains swollen. I bought my anatomy and physiology book online for $5.00 or you can get one in the library. You seem to have a medical mind and a curiousity for how your body works. Maybe you should learn more about it and see if you may even want to go into a medical field after high school. Good Luck!!
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  • you sound like the exact same condition that i had as a teen. the condition is called Ebsteine-Barr Virus. antibiotics don't work for it, you just have to get lots of rest for it to go away. it took me 6 months to get better. for me, it started with swollen lymph nodes in back of my neck, underarm area, and groin area. lymphatic cancer runs in my family, so i went to a specialist who thought it wasn't cancer, but lymes disease. after blood test, reports came back i had gotton the ebsteine-barr virus. it took 5 months for the docs to figure that out. you have to get a blood test and ask them to check for the virus in your blood, also ask for a complete blood count.
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  • i had that just a month ago and it was a viral infection my body was fighting. i also had it as a teen and that time it was mononeucleosis (sp?) anyways, you are smart to get yourself checked and hopefully bloodwork has been done on you to screen for all types of stuff. good luck!
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  • Ask you doctor about toxoplasmosis. It usually shows up as flu like symptons or swollen lymph nodes. The most common ways to get it are from cats and undercooked meat. My son (16) had unexplained swollen lymph nodes pop up and were there a few months. After several rounds of antibiotics, CT scans and MRI's the doctor decided to remove 1 of them for a biopsy. Toxoplasmosis was the diagnosis which most people who have it go undiagnosed.
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    • January 17, 2010
    • 08:07 PM
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