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Unexplained Back Pain for Years, Please Help

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  • Posted By: Axshun
  • October 29, 2008
  • 08:16 PM

I've been dealing with a strange lower back pain for just about 8 years now. I am currently 23, male, about 6' 0" 135 lbs, moderately fit. The last time I had this attempted to be diagnosed by a doctor the results were possible Prostatitis or a minor ulcer in the upper region of my stomach lining. The symptoms technically didn't go away, I just ignored them and accepted them as part of life (dumb, I know, thats why I'm here for now). I had an upper back injury at age 17 that has since mostly gone away except for the occassional twinge when I bend the wrong way.

Slight onset pain, I know when they're going to happen with about a two minute warning. Within the first two minutes of pain the pain becomes excruciating, I describe it as a knife being twisted in the lower center of my back on both sides of my spine. The pain will last no longer than five minutes at most, usually three to five minutes each time. The pain is constant for the duration, no pulsing or spiking or lulls. My breathing will become somewhat shallow and rapid but that is mostly due to the pain of the event. Once the pain has passed I will feel momentarily light headed and then there will be nothing until the next event.

I have had this happen while driving and was forced to pull over and strip chunks of my steering wheel off because I am stuck in a sitting position and trying not to grit my teeth too hard.

When younger I thought that taking an antacid and laying on my stomach was the best method for dealing with this, I believe this lead to a misdiagnosis on the ulcer with a combination of being a very stressed High Schooler at the time. I have since discovered that simply laying flat on the ground is the best thing to do. The pain will only last for about one minute if I do so, and will linger for about fifteen seconds after standing up.

There is no pain in my abdomen, nor is there any in my legs or chest, only my lower back around what I assume is my kidneys.

This never happens more than once a day, and hardly more than once a week. I have had times where it happened once or twice a week for four months straight, and times where it didn't happen for more than four months between attacks. My last attack was about three weeks ago and after telling my mother I still occassionally have the pains, she became worried.

I am here to search for answers or at least ideas that will lead to answers. If I get an answer from these forums that is plausible I will go see my doctor sooner about it.

I am more than willing to check back and respond to any further questions anybody has for me.

Thank you for reading.

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  • Hi,I know what you mean. I've been going crazy trying to find someone who knows what I'm talking about but no one seems to face this issue!I get the pain once every month and a half or so, and then it goes away in a few minutes, but during that time I have to just grit my teeth and bear it. It's not terribly excruciating or something, but it's an unusual discomfort that I can't describe. Like a spasm.The pain seems to be coming from the area of my kidneys, and I often think that the problem IS the kidney's but that's very unlikely I guess. After the pain goes I away, I'm breathless and breathing hard, but them I'm right as rain.I wonder what the ***l it is. I'm 26 years old and in perfect health.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 30, 2008
    • 11:42 PM
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  • I am glad to hear I'm not the only one with this, but not so glad you have it as well :(. I would say that I am in perfect health but of course I need to excercise just a little more than I have and pay more attention to my eating habits. As you say its right around the kidneys...but not really the kidneys, I've had others describe it as kidney stones....but its definitely not kidney stones. It is similar to a spasm but with not twitching, just pain. In the past it has been easily bearable and at times excruciating enough to destroy my belongings.
    Axshun 1 Replies
    • October 31, 2008
    • 08:34 PM
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  • Have you tried a TENS Unit? LGMedSupply has TENS Unit, Muscle Stimulators, and Ultrasound Units at really good prices. They are very affordable and easy to use. Good power like the pt office I go to. The site is http://www.lgmedsupply.com. I got the LG-TEC which is a combination TENS and Muscle Stimulator in one portable unit. I also purchased an ultrasound for just over $100. TENS Units work incredible. It blocks the pain signal from the spinal cord to the brain by electric stimulation which overrides the pain receptor. Go to www.lgmedsupply.com and you will get additional information and great prices. Yes you should definitely purchase a tens unit.
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    • November 9, 2008
    • 00:51 AM
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