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Undiagnosed back problem w/ MRI Result

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  • Posted By: natjay
  • June 3, 2009
  • 10:23 PM

So.. I have an undiagnosed back problem. This is my MRI result:

Lumbar spine.
Clinical information: back injury 3 years ago, now pain in pelvis and lower back.
Technique: Multiplanar multi sequence MRI of lumbar spine without gadolinium injection.
Findings: Vertebral alignment is normal. Bone marrow is unremarkable. Conus medullaris terminates at T12-L1.

L3-L4: There is severe central disk bulge with mild compression of the dural sac and exiting nerve roots.

L4-L5: Mild central disk bulge with very mild impingement on dural sac and exiting nerve root.

L5-S1: Again mild central disk bulge with no significant impingement on exiting nerve root.

There is a 1.5 cm cyst most likely a perineural cyst not included in the axial cuts and can be further assessed in next follow-up.
Interpretation: Multilevel central disk bulge with mild impingement upon the dural sac and exiting nerve roots.
Perineural cyst in the right S2-S3, can be further assessed in next follow-up.

Regarding the back injury 3 years ago, I was getting ready to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) at home on mats, and there was a plastic bag on the mat so I bent down to quickly move it out of the way but my back went out. The game was starting so I tried to dance anyway without even thinking.. my legs seized up and I couldn't stand the pain or stand at all.

I seemed to have recovered from that but then I'd get shooting pains down my leg. It was so bad I had to quit my job that involved standing all day (It hurt but I could stand it.. I just didn't want to be limping around in front of customers.. embarrassing especially when they ask about it..).

Anyway, I saw a few doctors who gave me some type of injection in my leg that made it numb for a while, and I had acupuncture on my leg. It's basically been ongoing.. pain in my back and legs with no diagnosis from doctors, no relief and the only pain medication that works is a narcotic, percocet, that my doctor won't give me anymore because it's addictive. (well of course I'd be addicted to it if it works LOL but I wasn't! The one bottle I had I spread out over a year, taking when needed.) He is also temporarily suspended from selling narcotics (thanks a lot drug dealers)...

Right now I'm waiting on disability while on welfare, I had to quit my job sitting at a computer because I can't sit or stand for too long and have to have the freedom to move about and such, plus their chairs must really hurt me because the only time I've hurt the most was when I was there.

Also waiting for a referral to a doctor that'll apparently take 6 months or a year to even make an appointment with. The last doctor I saw said there's nothing surgical or theraputic he could do/suggest for me.. so I hope I'm not waiting on this new guy for nothing. Anyway, that's about it. Thanks for any advice/conclusions/well wishes. =)

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  • I can't seem to edit my post. Anyway I just wanted to mention that I've had a lot of cysts before too. I've had 2 cysts in one armpit and 1 cyst in the other. I still get them now and then but I was just told to put fusidic acid cream on them and it makes them go down for a while. I've just had 3 removed on the armpits. I've also had a cyst on my tailbone (butt crack).. that one hurt so bad.So yeah severe back pain, pain shooting down my legs, and cysts.
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