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T6-T9 severe chronic pain daily help needed

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  • Posted By: Mike Jajkowski
  • February 18, 2007
  • 04:16 AM

Hi, I'm a 26 year old electrician, in very good health and great shape. I fell in november 2004, 10' from a aerial lift onto a tailgate of a pickup when it was in the up position. At the time, i broke 2 ribs and the pain went away about a month after the accident. Around 8 months later, I was starting to get pain in my mid back when sitting, or standing in the same position. Went to a physical therapy for 4 months, he said i had
"growing pains". He didn't do nothing for me, so then in march of 2005 around 6 months after PT i went to see a chiropractor. He did adjustments on me, it went on for about 2 months, and the pain was still very bad, and getting worse little by little weekly. I was on vicodine 7.5 200 mg 5 x daily, with flexoril 10mg at night.

After 3 months he asked how i was, i told him it still hurts. He told me, that mid back pain is very easy to correct because of the rib structure that supports the mid back is the strongest in the back.sent me for and mri as follows, i will type it out summarized from the findings sheet..

Clinical indictions: Patient experiences chronic mid back pain

findings: a skin marker has been placed at the T4 level. there appears to be mild anterior wedging of the t7 vertebral body. no abnormal signal is appreciated of the T7 vertebral body however. The T7-T8 disc displays mild posterior buldging. No compression of the spinal cord is seen.

no posterior discal promineneces are noted. the remaining osseous signal intensity is consisent with normal marrow and cortex. The signal intestity of the spinal cord is unremarkable. Incidentally noted are CSF flow void artifacts within the thecal sac. the vascular elements are unremarkable.

1. mild anterior wedging of T7. This may be due to a mild old compression deformity of the result of physiologic wedging.
2. mild posterior disc buldging at the t7-t8 level. no neural compression is noted.

(sorry that was so long)

This is what has been done so far.

1.filed lawsuit from previous employer
2. sought pain management

I've been on 7.5 200 mg vicoproferin. Since january 07 he switched me to 10mg 325 norco's.

i use lidocaine patches which don't work or stick
I've had steriod injections.
i've had facet injections, shots that destroy nerve cells in the facet joint
I've had 2 radio freq nerve ablasion. (1)right side spine (1) left side of spine

its been 5 weeks since the right side, 3 weeks since left.

Still in SEVERE pain every friggin day. Has anyone had this similar problem? what was done to calm the pain down? Can i have a fusion done on that part of my T-Spine? Anyone know what my options are? Doctors just want money, and don't want to give me answers. My whole is has been effected by this, I dont' sleep, i forget things because its hard to concintrate. Basically my quality of life is very very bad. Not the typical 26 year old life of a handsome, 26 yr old, hard working man. Sometimes I feel like i should give up on life.. Please help

i'm from the illinois area. I will travel anywhere if there is a Great! doctor out of state within reason..

Thanks for reading this and hope to get some input..

Mike Jajkowski

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  • GO GET ACUPUNCTURE. It will help tremendously. Chiropractic will not do much for healing the compression and bulging disc. Acupuncture can help with the pain and promote healing along the spine. Please try this! Doctors will only offer you pain meds, which don't really help people with pain but kind of slowly dull your senses. I have treated many patients with chronic disc degeneration and severe herniation, and acupuncture is the ONLY thing that gives them real relief. To find a practitioner near you please visit www.acufinder.com. You must give this treatment time to work...one treatment will not be enough and it may take 4-6 before you notice results. But you may also notice improvement after only one treatment. Everyone is different. Are you on Worker's comp? Can you find a doctor who could give you a recommendation for acupuncture? More and more docs are recommending this. Best wishes.DOM
    acuann 3080 Replies
    • February 18, 2007
    • 04:51 AM
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  • Actually i've been doing acupuncture for my back and headaches for about 6 months now. I get headaches 4/7 days a week because of the tightness in my back they are tension headaches which turn into extreme migraines and nothing will get rid of them. my chiropractor now is cert for acupuncture and that doesn't help me either. Has anyone had surgery on the T-Spine???
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 18, 2007
    • 05:49 AM
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  • Mike,I am very sorry to hear that you ae going through this terrible pain. I am 34 yr old female and have always had bak issues. I have been a hairstylist for 16 yrs so I do a great deal of standing. In Oct 06 I fell down my steps at home. Couldn't move for days. Went to Chiro. who wouldn't even touch me due to my hips were so out of whack. Had x-ray then MRI showing osteoarthritis, scoliosis, discongenic disease, and bulging in t-4 and t5. Had EEG showing 3 damaged nerves. My life SUCKS!!!!! I had the steriod injections and pt and chiro and acu. I am on 150 mcg fentanyl patches plus I take 800 mcg of fentanyl that melts in my cheek above teeth. There are days I do not get out of bed! I have lost so much work and money! I cannot even go out with friends anymore and can't even have a beer evry now and then as I am soo afraid of drinking with these meds. My next step is going to a neurologist. I need some answers soon. I was a very active person. Lifted weights 6 days a week, worked, went out dancing, shopping etc. Now I sit here and surf internet and wath tv. I feel like I am aging 5 yrs a week. I am hoping and praying that the Neuro. has some answers for me. This is not a life that I am living. I thought I was too young for this ***t but you are entirely way too young!!!! i have such a high tolerance to pain meds and only get a slight satisfaction from them sometimes. I am afraid to go off of them all together though. So yes, there are others out here that suffer as you do. I wish i had more answers for you but I do not even have any for myself. If I should come across a miracle, I will surely share it with you. In the mean time, hang in there and take care! MOE
    miserableMOE 52 Replies
    • February 18, 2007
    • 03:46 PM
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  • I too have many herniated disc in my back. Options not many. The thoracic operation is so rare it is hard to find any info. Read my results under the nerves post. My neuo said he would do the multi level fusion and disectomy put it would be VERY ******n both of us. I can't find any info on the internet about thoracic operations. I'm going to get another opinion but my neur is one of the best and he said if I won't do it no one will. 5 ,omths ago he did a anterior disectomy and fusion of C5 and C6 put in a titaium disc and steal cage in my neck. I'm much better after that operation but scared to do the next one. Let me know if you find any info. Thanks Lois :eek:
    loiskerr 29 Replies
    • February 18, 2007
    • 11:00 PM
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  • Hey Mike, Dr. Teck Mun Soo is the best neuro in the US look him up and make appoinment. I see people from all over the US and Canada in his office. Lois
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  • Hi...My husband has had 3 neck operations and has injured his lower back a few times. There are several discs that he has a problem with. At one point he had a 6 inch bruise going down the middle of the spine. He had this bruise and severe back pain for 6 years. He was on every painkiller there is for years. Then he saw the inversion bed on the shopping channel. Within days he could see the help he was getting to relieve the pain. Then over the months and now 2 - 3 years later the bruise is completely gone. When he has a hard day at work as soon as he comes in the door he goes straight to the inverson bed and gets intant relief. I would highly recommed this inversion bed because over time I feel that it has gradually decompression his spine so his blood can circulate and thus reduce the pain. My husband no longer takes pain killers. I also think I saw it in the Sears catalogue and it is not too expensive..It worked it for him. He also tried acupuncture many many times, and that helped somewhat; but only temporarly. However I feel that this bed over time has improved the condition of his spine and there is no comparison to anythin else he tried. Good luck and I hope you find what works for you.
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  • I am 45 and I have had 3 back surgeries. I am still in severe pain and the surgery only made things worse for me. I have left footdrop and nerve damage from the first surgery in may 93. I had 2 fusions done in may 03. One fusion was done at the T7-8 level and the other one at the L3-5 level. The Dr. that did my fusions told me that I would be off pain meds. after my surgery and it is 4 years later and I am still on pain meds. I take methadone 10 mg. 4 pills 4 x a day, duragesic patch 75 mg., neurontin 600 mg. 1 4x day, percocet 10/650 1 4x day, soma 350 mg. 1 3x day. I have been on many pain meds. and these seem to work the best for me so far. I hope that you do alot of research on back surgery before having any done. I have talked to so many people that have had surgery and they are worse than what they were before . There are alot of resourses for back pain / surgery like spine universe.com and maybe look up failed back sugery.
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  • PLease see a neurologist -IMMEDIATETLY !!!!!!!You are describing what i endured for 2 years -had every scan -blood test-accupunture- sports medicine etc...told it was disc problem- bowel blockage...You name it...they said it....then when i could take it no more- demanded an MRI scan- BINGO ....they found a tumour in my spinal cord- luckily benign....but fatal if left a couple more days,,,said the neuro surgeon who successfully removed it that night.PLEASE GET IT SEEN TO
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  • Do Not See Dr. Teck Soo...he Is A Butcher, Trust Me!!!!! Enough Said.
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