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Strange looking anomaly?

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  • Posted By: pumibel
  • February 25, 2007
  • 03:02 AM

I have mentioned this problem as a side in another thread, but I am concerned about my weird-looking spine. All five of my lumbar vertebrae stick out and are clearly visible when you look directly at my back. When I look at other womens' spines I just see a thin indented line down their back from neck to tailbone. Mine is normal looking until I get to the lumbar, and the line seems to "split" around the vertebrae and meet back up after them at my butt crack. I get rough patches over the bumps of the vertebrae from sitting in hard chairs. If I don't do my ab workout on a thick matt or ball my skin gets abraded right off in little circular patches over the vertebrae. The skin often bruises for whatever reason.
I will post a picture if that is helpful- need to recharge my camera battery.

I don't have constant pain, but I do get intermittant low back pain. This was treated with Motrin in Valium when I was military. No one wanted to approach the "anomaly" or even look at it. I just dropped it and delt with the discomfort by trying to build more muscle because I don't want to destroy my body with 800 mg Motrin and freakin Valium.

any help or recognition of similar problems would be welcome. I can accept if this is just a normal appearance that not everyone has- in fact that would be great to hear.

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  • perhaps you had a narrow escape from spina bifida ,like i did.i didnt find out about it until i had spinal surgery when i was nineteen.like you i have had pain .and a restricted life.but its better than what spina bifida can dish out left to itself.i count myself lucky.but maybe you have another condition altogether.there is no sign of my problem externally,visually.only on x ray.i remember the surgeon saying to his assembled students around my bed ,"the spine is slightly bifid,does anyone know what that means?"i was the only one who did! interestingly the scabs you speak of were referred to as"buttons down the back"by english coalminers!so it isnt unknown.i think you are right to avoid varium,though if doc has suggested it i think it might impry a n assessment on his part that anxiety is involved.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 25, 2007
    • 03:09 PM
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  • Hey, if you had a freakish looking spine you'd be anxious, too, haha.Thanks for the post. I wonder why coal miners would talk about something like that?
    pumibel 42 Replies
    • February 25, 2007
    • 06:12 PM
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  • yes ,i agree ,and i am constantly awarein my own case of the need to disguise my own back problem from the point of view of movement.i have to really try all the time to move normally ,and often it hurts a lot to do so.i think i would be more worried by an appearance problem however,but i am old enough now to be concerned in any unkind way about the appearance of others.more people have a sense of proportion about things like this than you might think."buttons down the back"were a common pit condition caused by the lumps(in fact the spinous processes) to which you refer being scraped on rock when in low workings.galleries down to twelve inches high,and people working in them lying down!walking to the face could do it ,as well,as they had to squat crawl through the low tunnels often for miles.when the back is curved like this it makes the spinous processes protrude especially if you are lightly built.then they get scraped,rather like the position you report while doing your abs.people of shall we say ,more generous build have more tissue surrounding the bones,which may account for the "normal "appearance you have noticed .i mentioned it to suggest that you may not be so unusual as you may think.this "split",however, is another matter.,and may indicate some element of spina bifida.join the club--- and what the ***l if it aint hurting!nothing can be done anyway,it would be unethical to interfere with an asymptomatic spine for the sake of appearance.lets both try not to worry together!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 26, 2007
    • 00:20 AM
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