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L-Spine pain turned into other pain..

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 29, 2007
  • 09:11 PM

I am a 36 Y/O white male with a multitude of back problems. I had a fusion of my C5/C6/C7 discs in July of 06. I have mild lumbar issues, most notably at L5/S1. I have never had therapy for my L-Spine.
Today is January 29, 2007, back on January 13th I was about to start an exercise with my son, who is almost 5, when the initial pain occurred. The exercise is this, (a bend and thrust for any Jarheads out there) starting position is standing with legs sholder width apart arms down; then to a squatting position hands on the ground outside of your legs, then kick your legs backwards into a push-up position, then bring your legs back up into the previous position (THIS IS WHEN IT HAPPENED) then stand back up. On my FIRST rep with my son standing across from me is when it happened. I felt something ‘pop’ and had severe pain that made me drop to the floor and yell out in pain. I layed on the floor for some time, trying to get up, though I could not due to the severe pain I was feeling. Then after an hour I called my Neuro and had to leave a message with the answering service, as it was a Saturday and he was ‘not working’. After this call my wife called her father to come over, that I was going to call for an ambulance and we needed someone to watch our children. During the time it took for my father-in-law to arrive my surgeon called back. I informed him of what happened, he advised me not to go to the hospital, and asked if someone could come and meet him at his office to pick up a prescription. My wife left to pick it up and to fill it. He prescribed me Oxy-Codone, Flexirill and a 7 day steroid pack. The meds help take the severe pain away but I was still limited to lying on the floor for 27 hours before I was able to slide up to a sitting position on a couch behind me. After sitting for a few hours I stood up. While on the floor I was able to roll from side to side and lift my upper body up off the floor enough to urinate into a cup. On Monday I was able to make it into work, with a great deal of pain. I visited my neuro on that Wednesday, the 17th, and he advised me to continue the meds and come back in a week. On my return visit he still seemed to think it is musclar and refered me for therapy, 2/3 x/week for 4 to 6 weeks for lumbar strengthing. That evening I developed a pain in my left hip/thigh area that stretched around to my buttocks. Had a very long night trying to sleep, kept waking up from pain/numbness in the areas mentioned.
25JA07 – I awoke and made it to work. The pain was persistent throughout the day in the thigh/hip/buttocks areas as mentioned I developed the previous night. I know of no activity I did which could have brought this on so suddenly. I called my neuro’s secretary and left a message asking what I should do. She promptly returned my call telling me that she explained my symptoms to Terri (PA-C) and that I should cancel therapy for the afternoon and come in to the office first thing tomorrow; 8:30. I called and cancelled therapy.
26JA07 – Saw Terri, P.A.-C. She did a few exercises in which she saw good signs from the outcome? I explained that the pain comes and goes. That it was in my groin and upper buttocks and recently was in my shin/calf. I explained that the pain is so bad at times that I would think I didn’t take any meds, let alone Oxycodone & Flexrill. She ordered a MRI and x-rays of my lumbar spine. X-rays were of flexion and extension. MRI of Lumbar w/out contrast. The pain was overbearing at one point this morning only to subside by 11 am, though I still do have pain, and can even feel my lower back pain at the moment. I do not know what I will do over the weekend if this pain reoccurs. I am fearful of this. All pain has been ONLY on my left side, which is different from all previous pain I have experienced, which has always been on my right side.

29JA07 – I had x-rays taken on 26JA07 and scheduled MRI for 30JA07 @ Royal Oak Beaumont. I then scheduled a follow-up appointment with Dr. Ho on 31JA07. Pain has now moved into my shin/calf area, a cold sensation and tingling is starting in my toes. Had a very hard time sleeping the past two nights, awoke very sore, but refreshed. The pain started to become severe in the am at work. It was bad enough for me to call my doctor (left message with Dr. Ho’s assistant/secretary) asking at what point I should proceed to the hospital. Cheryl, Dr. Ho’s secretary, returned my call after reviewing my concerns with Dr. Ho, and relayed Dr. Ho’s opinions, which were; try to deal with the pain, unless I can not walk or get out of bed. She informed me that I really need to try to get through the next two days, so that I can have my scheduled MRI performed and to make it to the office on Wednesday morning. Thinking about the movement/progression of my pain I can recall this; initially was in my low back, at my waist line, then moved into my upper buttocks, and groin area. It slowly moved into my upper thigh area and has eventually moved into my shin calf area with my toes/foot beginning to feel numb/tingling. I am still taking the Oxycodone and Flexirll as directed. I have been taking the Oxy every 6 hours as I am in need of it every 6 hours. I have also been taking the flexirll every 8 hours as I hope it helps in relaxing the painful muscle feelings. The pain sometimes feels as though my muscles are being pulled from both ends, and stretched to the point of tearing it. The pain has subsided, as it usually does in the afternoons to a tolerable level. Though when I do get up to use the restroom I feel the pain reappear rapidly while walking.

I am now fearfull of sleep at this point, as the pain in the mornings has been unbareable!!!

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    • January 29, 2007
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  • Hello JDRA,My heart goes out to you and you will be in my prayers. I am 56yo (and former Gyrene) with generative changes at L5-S1 and the associated pains you describe: Left buttock and right pelvic/hip pain that radiates to one or both calves. Some nights the pain awakens me and when turning to different position it feels as though I will come come apart in two Thankfully I have been able to manage the pain with Aleve. Also, since I do not work, can avoid many of the physical stress which bring flare-ups, Certainly it is near impossible for young person like you and with young family, to avoid back stressing physical activity. But, at work sitting in chair all day is one of those physical stresses. What disturbs me greatly, is your treating physician crappy advice of dealing with the pain. No person should have to deal with pain that destroys their quality of life if medical treatment is possible. Everything you wrote, except for the fusion, would be the same as I would write in describing my pain and activies that produce pain (yes, just walking to the bathroom). I am not a doctor but willing to venture you have more than mild issues at L5/S1 and muscle strain is not your problem. Do yourself and family a big favor give Dr Ho the old heave-ho. Hope I'm wrong, but your problem stinks of gross medical incompetence. God be with you.Regards, John Debbajohn_debba@yahoo.com
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  • Dear JDRA, I am also in Michigan. I just would like to make one point, if you EVER have numbnes, burning along with bowel and or bladder issues seek medical attention now!!! It may be red flags to Cauda Equina Syndrome which could cause permenant nerve damage if left untreated withing I believe it is 48 hours.Many doctors are unaware of the signs due to it being so rare.So if yourself or anyone here has these symptoms please seek medical care asap!!!!!dlalbers19572000@yahoo.complease if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me, I will answer all emails.
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