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(((( help please????? )))))

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  • Posted By: californiagirl09
  • March 5, 2009
  • 05:08 AM

Hello, I'm a 22 year old female. I have been suffering from lower back pain for almost a year now. It all started suddenly, and it progressively got worse. At the beginning I thought it was related to the many hours I spent studying in front of the computer.. Later on the back pain got worse... Went to the doctor and he prescribed muscle relaxants and some exercises... As time went by it got worse... They thought it was probably a pinched nerve....They prescribed naproxen, pain meds, etc.... I finally decided to go see a chiropractor... He said that I had a tilted pelvis and leg length descripancy... I was given orthotics and was getting spinal adjustments regurlarly...I was feeling a little bit better for a while.... But suddenly one day (after spending almost over 2 hours sitting on a chair), I felt this horrible pain on my right hip and later on the pain radiated towards the groin area... The pain was terrible and it was there constantly... I went to the regular doctor and he thought it was bursitis of the hip and gave me steroids shots to the area... It didn't help at all......I was referred to a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor, he gave me a shot (steroids) in the lower back, and that didn't help either... The pain on my right hip is always there, it gets progressevely worse as teh day goes by, same with the groin pain..... and lower back pain as well... Also I want to add that he pain on the hip radiated to the other hip.... and the pain in the groin has never left me...and it seems worse than the pain on my back!
They sent me for a CT scan of the pelvis and abdomen and everything came back normal.......Then they sent me for an MRI of the lumbar spine and this is the finding: " L4 –L5 Mild disc degeneration with associated anullar tear. Central soft disc protrusion without high grade foraminal narrowing or central canal stenosis"
I am to the point where I can't longer sit without pain... I'm on vicodin and also on a nerve medication!
My doctor sent me for an epidural shot... I had the shot today... I still feel pain on my groin area...
I'm totally clueless WHY i have so much pain on my hip/groin and some numbness on the inside and back part of thighs!
This is devastaing... My life is miserable now, cause I can't do any of the "normal things" I used to do... I can't even sit without feeling pain.
How can an anullar tear cause so much pain in the hip and groin area?
Has anyone have a clue?
I recently had an MRI of hips, hopefully I will have the report next week!
Thank you

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  • Well, I'm afraid I don't have very much good news for you, but you need to know the truth. That disc degeneration is probably due to the annular tear, which does produce severe pain in your hips, groin, and even to your lower limbs. The pain can be debilitating, I'm really sorry. The pain happens because there are so many nerve fibers that run there. It's worse when you sit because the discs are are most stressed when you flex your hip (like sitting down). The tear is usually caused by some sort of injury. Do you remember twisting funny or hurting your back in any way? Your docs may suggest surgery for this. I warn you that many back surgeries fail....it usually resolves itself better than they can go in a fix it. I highly recommend you go see a physical therapist or therapeutically trained massage therapist. I'm a LMT and I've had good success with treating clients in your situation. Be sure you check credentials...if you see a MT not specifically trained for this, they can do more harm than good. Remember, the goal with PT or MT is not to completely relieve the pain (as that is not likely) but to provide enough relief that you can live a normal life--as well as provide the best circumstances for your body to heal itself. Drinking plenty of water may help to some degree. Really, best to you....this is not a fun problem to have.
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  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING TO MY QUESTION!That's what I thought too...After reading many posts with people suffering from anullar tears of the lumbar spine... I noticed that many experience "the hip and groin pain" that I'm also experiencing now... I know that I don't have bursitis of the hip... and I know that I haven't pulled any ligaments, tendons in that area either... Doctors think that the jelly substance leaking from the disc is causing referred pain... It's awful to live this way!I'm drinking tons of water, so thank you for the advice:-)Answering your question....No I didn't suffer any trauma or sudden accident to the area, the only thing doctors can come up with is that "maybe" the fact that I used to jog every morning on hard cement around campus... and probably the leg lenth discrepancy, the many hours studying in front of the computer, etc so many factors attributed to the spinal tear!I was looking into spinal decompression...but I'm doing mores research about that!I will start therapy soon, my doctor referred to it! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ANSWER:-)
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  • No problem! I'm glad you seem to have such a good attitude about this, that will take you far!I wish you the best!! :D
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  • Hi californiagirl, You should try glucosamaine sulphate tabs 1000mg, I take 2 of these daily & found them to really help. They where reccommended to me by my Pain Consultant he said if they didn't work quickly they wouldn't work at all. google them & it will explain them better that i can. honestly worth a try. sorry your in so much pain & hope this helps you. Best wishs......:)
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  • :)thank you:) i'll start taking glucosamine:) i got some from cotsco today!!! Thank u
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  • Hi Caligirl- I work for orthopedic surgeons and I can tell you that you should not do any kind of surgery unless it it absolutely your last option. If you have surgery at 22 you are in for a lifetime of back problems, in 5-10 years you will have problems at the levels above and below the current level and probably be looking at more surgery... it's not a good path to be starting down now. You sound like you are researching things which is great... try the massage therapy, go to physical therapy even if it takes a year for it to get 100% better, make sure you go to a physical therapist that specializes in orthopedics and spine problems and someone who does manual therapy. And if the chiropractor is not helping stop going. If you have access to a pool where you can swim laps that is an excellent exercise to strengthen your back muscles and prevent further back problems once you get this under control, the exercise in water may help your pain now as well. Have you talked to a doctor about the option of getting a nerve root block or an epidural steroid injection in your spine to relieve your pain? If you do make sure you go to a reputable place that does these injections frequently, pain management specialists and physiatrists (physical medicine and rehab docs) are specially trained to them. I am 22 as well and have a bulging disc in my neck, I have been doing PT and massage for over a year, I am about 80% better than I was a year ago.
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  • THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING:) I am looking into spinal decompression which is not surgery.http://www.cure-back-pain.org/spinal-decompression.html I have heard that surgery at this age is not a smart thing to do. I already had an epidural shot (2 days ago) and waiting to see if I will feel better... I will have another if I don't feel any relief from the first one. I'm due for an appointment with a physical therapist my doctor referred me to.I eat healthy, drink more water than anybody I know:) and I have faith and hope that I will get better eventually;) Thank you for taking the time to respond...And thank you for the advice... Yeah! surgery is out of the question!!!
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  • There is a surgery that is a spinal decompression which is what I thought you were referring to, the non-surgical option is a good thing to try. Sorry I forgot you mentioned the epidural shot in your post when I was typing out my response. Call the physical therapist that you were referred to and make sure that they were trained specifically in orthopedics and spine, other wise find someone else who you will get better treatment from. Do they have you taking any anti-inflammatories regularly? Ibuprofen, naproxen, celebrex, voltaren, piroxicam, etc? That is another thing that will probably help you.
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