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Help back pain and im scared

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 19, 2008
  • 02:11 PM

Hi, im 24 and very fit ie i used to walk to and from work everyday etc, i hurt my back about a month ago and had really back pain since and ive been signed off work,

here is what im getting

spasms and pain on left side
pain down left leg
cant bend backwards forward not to bad but still pain full
about 2 days ago when i woke up my whole felt side was dead "numb" i could move my left leg arm and even open my left eye
i can walk but im real pain and feeling very weak "not like me"

im due for an mri next week but the doctors do not know what it is and after my body going numb im really scared and no one will tell me what it could be

any help would be really great
kind regards

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  • this should readyabout 2 days ago when i woke up my whole felt side was dead "numb" i could NOT move my left leg arm and even open my left eye
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  • It might be something from your spine through your nervous system since all your nerves go every where through the body and connects to your spine. Thats what I think of and area that might do that is probably your lower spine because I had really bad pains on my left upper back before but just on some days until I went to see a chiropractor and they found that I had a little curve in my spine and something else I can't remember
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  • dont panic marc you say you hurt your back about a month ago is that when your troubles started? the MRI should turn somthing up.try and stay calm Good luck marc
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  • hello, no i hurt my back when i was about 18 and it was sim to this but not as painfull and lasted about 2 weeks, over the last few years it hurts from time to time but this time it just went when i was just standing. Worse this my work are getting on my nerves keep calling and asking when ill be back
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  • Sorry i did not reply in a timely manner, let us know how the MRI goes if you like, i will cross my fingers for you.
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  • Sounds like you just might have sciatica. I have dealing with sciatica for the last couple of months. It's very painful, hurts from the buttocks all the way down the left leg into the ankle area. I have a protruding disc, so I know why I am suffering. Hopefully you'll get some results after the MRI. I went for epidural steroid injections last monday (April 21st) they helped for the first couple of days,, then the pain came right back. I'm seeing a neurosurgeon on April 16th but am not considering surgery at the time. I'll do anything to stay out of the operating room :rolleyes: Best of Luck Cindy4hope
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  • i hurt my back 3 years ago (L1 burst fracture, which means the bone was completely crushed) and about 6 months ago i started having some of the symptoms you describe, getting worse on a monthly, then weekly, now daily basis. pain, numbness, muscle weakness, spasms... i wish i could tell you that i know what's wrong, but all tests have come out normal and no neurosurgeon will see me, i've been refused multiple times. if you find out what's wrong, please post and let us know?
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  • hi aniarose have you had an MRI lately i would think that its related to your crushed vertebra if everything is normal then your crushed vertebra must have healed well do you really know if this is the case.
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  • hi oscar. it turns out that the physician's assistant LIED to me, telling me that the MRI was fine, when really it was partially inconclusive but showed signs of a cyst inside the injured vertebre. the only reason that it was inconclusive is because there is metal hardware in my back, but in your case, an MRI or a CT myelogram (which uses dye to show nerves that might be pinched) should be able to help you, especially the myelogram, since i suspect a pinched nerve could be your problem. don't lose hope; if the pressure on the nerve is from swelling, or a herniated disk, you may be able to alleviate the pain and symptoms with physical therapy, or surgery. keep us updated. luck!
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