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  • Posted By: womanofjewelry
  • February 17, 2007
  • 05:03 AM

For about 6-7 mths I've been experiencing intense lower back pain. My back hurts all the time. I've had sciatica in the past and on and off recently. The pain I am currently experiencing (on top of my sciatica) comes and goes. It happens if I turn the wrong way or if I'm lying down and try to turn on my side with out my legs bent. The pain goes from about a 4 to a 9 in a split second and then back to a dull ache. The pain seems to be located between my pelvis and the spine. Does anyone know anything about sacroliiac dysfunction? I don't know what else it would be. Help.
Thanks for any input!!!!:eek:

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  • You probably should get an MRI or CT scan. It could be lumbar disc bulging and when you turn it hits up on a nerve. It could be a pulled muscle and when you turn it aggrevates it. If you get numbness or intense pressure with the pain then then pain is being generated by nerves being compressed.
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  • Twinges started 40 years ago in High school doing potato race exercises.When I began shaving, leaning over the sink I started feeling pains lower right flank area.College age it started getting intense and more constant.Went to emergency room twice.Doctors would do a rebound test on my abdomen.No pain reaction.In 1995 I overhauled my Toyota 18RC engine and replaced it by hand no cherry picker.Next day leaning over the engine to reinstall the rest I began falling on the ground from electric shocks of pain in my lower right back.For the next 10 years I would fall on my knees every time i sneezed.Doctors told me to strengthen my stomach and low back muscles.So I used a rowing machine seat exercise = knees on the floor and hands on the seat and slide out forward and back.The first time I did this I heard a loud crack.I was sure I had knocked a clay potted plant on the floor.Nope.Something in my lower back cracked.The pain I suffered for years suddenly went from off the scale to a bearable 3 or 4.Next 10 years it became steadily worse again.Any time I lifted something heavy and turned I paid for it with 3 days in bed.2 years ago I got online and started researching low back/abdominal pain.Everything pointed to appendicitis,but the doctors had ruled that out.No rebound pain.Then I found it.Thank God in Heaven I found it!A doctor had posted something that made sense.It was appendicitis.I have a rear facing appendix.The abdominal rebound pain pressure test will not detect this condidtion.I had CHRONIC APPENDICITIS.Something that should'nt have to happen.Few doctors know about the fact that some people have a rear facing appendix so it went undiagnosed for decades.I am lucky it never burst,but it probably was ulcerated.Appendicitis is when you do not eliminate frequently enough and feces jam the appendix.When this continues,the appendix gets filled with a mineral/protien mass much like a kidney stone. Infection, inflammation,possible bursting and pain ensue.Not wanting to be operated on,I started looking for alternatives.I decided to take vinegar pills and bromelain to dissolve the mass.This along with increased fiber and roughage started relieving the pain.And eliminating when the feeling strikes instead of delaying BM's.Searching the net for something that dissolves calcium I came across articles and websites about EDTA.It is a controversial treatment used by some who believe it dissolves the calcium out of arterial plaque to reverse coronary artery disease.I dont know if it does and dont really care.But it looked like something I could try,since there is no reason it wouldnt get to a calcium mass in the alimentary canal.I started taking 1 gram oral intermitantly, about twice a week 6 months ago.God in Heaven.I read that the pain relief from appendectomy is "Total and Complete."I have acheived nearly the same by diet improvement and adding the EDTA really did the trick.I have real bowel movements instead of choppy sloppy crap that I had for many years.AND THE PAIN IS GONE.Years of wondering if I had a ruptured disc,kidney stones etc. are over.If one person with the same condition is helped by my story then I have done something very good.TRUST ME.
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