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WTF is wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: jseeley
  • May 5, 2011
  • 02:20 AM

At initial diagnosis
So 3 years ago (Age 29 - male) I was diagnosed early with Type 2 Diabetes, Hypo-Thyroid, and triglycerides were near 900. Later was told that initial diagnosis was wrong, that I am actually LADA (Type of Type 1 diabetes in adults that is auto-immune basis)

At the time I weighed about 145 pounds and was going to the gym about 10 times a week (going 6 days a week with doublers a couple times a week).

The docs ran tons of labs; came back as Hashimotos on the thyroid, no surprise there as it runs heavily in the family, but no family history of diabetes.

Doctor prescribes Metformin (diabetes), Levothyroxine(thyroid), Gemfibrozil (triglycerides).

After getting the blood sugar and the thyroid in check my tris came down to normal and the Gemfibrozil was stopped.

A1Cs have been normal for the past 2 1/2 years, but slightly higher each time.

Fast forward 2.5 years....
Everything seemed to be going ok, then suddenly I start developing new symptoms. About 6 months ago my hair all started to fall out; not the thinning associated sometimes with Thyroid, but rather huge circles all over the place (Alopecia), head, beard, eyebrows. After about a 3 month period (during which time I was getting steroid injections and creams to stop the hair loss), hair still falls out quickly; now I'm completely bald scalp and can't grow hardly any facial hair.

For a few months nothing else new; now suddenly much worse.

Starts out about 2 months ago when I'm going to bed I have muscular spasms starting up right after I fall asleep. They wake me up several times right after falling asleep, but eventually I'm able to sleep. Then it gets worse, starts happening before I even fall asleep, then gets even worse starts happening when I'm wide awake just sitting in a chair.

Spasms seem to be intensified or set off by changes in light, sound, or an unexpected touch.

Doctor's visit finds improper response to reflex stimulus. Knee ***k reflex causing entire body to convulse, elbow ***k reflex causes opposite side of body response.

Now on top of this I am getting tons of fatigue and some weird vision problems. Today all of a sudden my vision goes slightly out of focus for a couple of minutes, the world looks all wavy and like it is moving, not really spinning like vertigo, more like watching the waves on water. Walking around and the floor looks like it is falling out from under me; maybe some sort of Vertigo?

1 Doctor suspected possible Lupus, ran tests came back positive for ANA, but negative for dsDNA. 2nd doctor says he doubts Lupus; he thinks my symptoms are too aggressive for that, but says he is pretty sure it is some type of auto-immune disease based on my history. Seeing a Rheumy next week, a Neuro the week after that, EEG & MRI coming soon.

Does any of this ring any bells with anyone.

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