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Vasectomy and Autoimmune problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 7, 2014
  • 04:04 AM

I am a 48 year old who had the vasectomy 6 years ago. I started having problems of autoimmune type a few days after the procedure (inflammations in many different parts of my body, including nerves and brain). The problems have been increasing in frequency and impact or damage to my body. I have read that in some rare cases the vasectomy may lead to autoimmune problems (sperm gets leaked into the body and the body's immune system does not recognize the sperm and attacks it)

One big issue in my case is that I have a spermatocele on my left testicle, which is painful. I have seen it swell up and swell down during periods that last a few days. I am not sure if the autoimmune flares I have are synchronized with the spermatocele swelling cycle. I am concerned that due to the pressure produced by the constant production of sperm in my testicles the walls of the spermatocele are tearing up (even so slightly) such that the sperm can find a way into my blood stream, which then confuses my immune system.

I am considering either getting a reverse vasectomy on the testicle with the spermatocele or getting the spermatocele removed... Would this stop the autoimmune flares? I need to do something as the symptoms are aggravating each time more... my body is degrading so much with the inflammations that I do not think I will last too long here... Below are my most recent symptoms.

I have to stress that autoimmune problems (inflammations) started just a few days after the vasectomy (less than 1 or 2 weeks), but initially the inflammations were mainly localized in the joints. Since 3 years ago the symptoms have expanded to all my body, the worst part is that they already got to my brain and eyes


* Noise inside head
o Pulsating tinnitus (noise modulated by the cardiac pulse, with varying intensity depending on the day)
o Loss of hearing

* Right eye loss some degree of mobility (sixth nerve palsy) resulting in double vision

* One EEG showed seizure activity, but I have not lost consciousness or blacked out ever

* Periodic Numbness and weakness in left arm and to some degree in left leg

* Occasional Numbness in skin of the back

* Osteoarthritis
o Thickening of finger and legs articulations
o Thickening of other bones/parts of bones

* Occasional sacroileitis

* Recurrent joint pain (fingers, shoulders, elbows, ankles)

* Mild Proteinuria (500mg/day)(caused perhaps due to inflammation of kidney tissue)

* Migraines at night,
o strong enough to wake me up
o Usually localized on left side of the head

* Recurrent/Sporadic Red eye

* Recurrent dry eyes

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  • Curious to know if you have found anything that has helped you. I had a bad three months ago and have had similar symptoms that started on day 5 after the procedure. I've literally had a headache for 3 months, joint pain, vertigo, tinnitus, eye/vision problem. They've confirmed glucose, protein, and blood in my urine as well as severe optic neuritis. How have you been doing since you posted this? Thanks for your help.
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    • August 15, 2015
    • 03:49 AM
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