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Speckled ANA, significant?

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  • Posted By: sayyadina
  • June 10, 2011
  • 00:47 AM

I've been having a wide variety of symptoms for years and have yet to receive a conclusive diagnosis. One piece of the puzzle that has me very confused is the ANA that was done in October. The test says titer of 1:80, speckled pattern and negative, however my web searches say that titer is at the low end of positive and that the speckled pattern can be an indicator of an autoimmune disease. I'm very leery of most doctors, due to years of bad experiences, so I really don't want to bother one with this if it's nothing. The PA and MD I've been seeing don't think the ANA means anything, but when I saw my old doctor, who's in another state over 7 hours away, she thought there could be something autoimmune going on.

My symptoms
Red rash that comes and goes from my shoulder, neck and stomach
GI problems- any combination of diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, no appetite, completely ravenous
Transient weakness in my right leg which will give out on me occasionally, and weakness in my right hand
Heart problems- palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, PACS, PVCS (nothing seen on cardiac workup)
Heat intolerance- uncomfortable above 70f and weak, dizzy, depressed when it gets hotter
Menstrual irregularities (too long, too short, skipping, too soon after the last one ended)
Severe joint pain- shoulders, hip and one finger, comes on out of nowhere
Stiffness and tightness of muscles, not relieved by stretching, yoga, heat, exercise
Difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly, some forgetfulness
Funny smelling urine & feces- sweet, though glucose is normal and there's no sugar in my urine
Dry mouth and eyes, no matter how much fluids I drink- I can be hydrated enough so my urine is clear and my mouth still feels dry

And I'm only 27, so none of this should be happening.

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  • Ive had an ANA test done before and they only said it was negative and never gave me numbers. The most recent one was done 10/20 and it was 1:40 and speckled. My doctor isnt too concerned about it. My SED rate is 70, down from 74 last summer when it was taken. The doctor is more concerned with some other test values and thinks I might have some form of malignancy...before I see him again on 1-4 I need to get a colonoscopy and a chest x ray. Is this a common thing? He said if all that comes back negative I may have "negative serum arthritis"....?? I dont really understand what the titers mean. If I dont have an autoimmune situation and hopefully dont have cancer..what other conditions might cause a high SED rate and CRP?? Ive had a high SED rate for years...like maybe 11 years....if it were cancer Id be dead by now ?? Anyway...any help putting this together will be much appreciated.Take care,Sharon
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  • reply to sayyadinaNo one ever took notice of my ANA which was exactly as your is. I had many symptoms but while I was told it was probably autoimmune it took me many years to get a diagnosis by which time it was 3 autoimmune disorders! The dry mouth thing sounds like Sjogren's syndrome but can also be a symptom of many medicines. I have SJogren's with severe joint pain, gritty dry, sore eyes, dry mouth, burning tongue, Stiffness and tightness of muscles, not relieved by stretching, yoga, heat, exerciseDifficulty concentrating and thinking clearly, some forgetfulness. Here is a link with full sjogren's symptoms http://www.ratesites.zoomshare.com/2.htmlGood Luck
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