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Rheumatoid Arthritis/Firbromyalgia or are they wrong?

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  • Posted By: sylvanpegasys
  • August 3, 2010
  • 06:37 AM

Was diagnosed with R/A and Fibromyalgia a year ago.. took prednisone and Methotrexate along w/a plethura of other meds along the way... Understand the joint paints are due to the R/A muscle soreness weakness to the Fibromyalgia but wth is the entire body charlie horse bit that's insanely painful attributed to? They say it's just the R/A.. haven't heard anyone else w/RA describing that symptom O.o Hands will curl up, knees shoulders feel out of socket, wrists elbows hurt badly... Feel also curl...
Also have periods of being 'out of it' now esp during these 'attacks' where I have trouble thinking, speaking and even become dyslexic w/words when I speak when I'm having one of those 'flares' as they call them? Sometimes swapping the first letter of a = word with the first letter of the next word, other times swapping words around completely like 'back speaking'.
Is there anything that could be responsible for a sudden high bp, muscle/tendon spasms and disassociation and feeling weak and dizzy? Know it sounds crazy but living it is even worse and just don't think this is part of the R/A... Is Fibromyalgia this debilitating? And can it be set off by an R/A Flare? Lastly is it affected by weather, since it was monsoon season here last year when I was diagnosed and the last few days have been as bad as the very first time I went to the hospital then... Pls advise
TYVM! :)
FYI my RH numbers were normal 2 weeks ago yet I'm the worst overall pain I've been in almost a year even w/the medications this time :(

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  • I don't know if I can help you or not. I got diagnosed with RA right after a bout of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I have been on Meloxicam (Mobic), Methotrexate and prednisone. Right now I am taking Humira and Leflonimide (Avara?). It helps but isn't perfect. My RA is with me daily without a break pretty much. With the meds I can at least walk and work. I feel dizzy/lightheaded a lot of the time, too. I think it is part of the disease, though my doctor hasn't said much when I have mentioned it. I have muscle spasms but they happen when I am on the verge of falling asleep. I have an arm or leg just suddenly jump about and then it's over with. Before the medication, I used to not only have joint pain, but felt like I had pulled muscles. Usually, it was my back. My entire back. When that happened, it would take me ten minutes just to get out of the bed in the morning. Since I have been on the medications I am now on, this has not happened again. One thing I have found is that I don't get sinus infections or colds anymore. Even my allergies are gone now. My daughter recently brought home a cold and I got it...sort of. Yesterday, I felt fatigued and my joints got worse as the day went on which is odd for me. I had a fever and bad chills. I slept about 12 hours and felt fine when I got up. That's what I get now instead of congestion and cough. With RA, the immune system is in overdrive.
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    • October 9, 2010
    • 03:54 AM
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  • Ugh spent 10 min posting a reply but don't see it.. *sigh* if this is a reiteration I apologize. TYVM for your reply! It's so good to know it's not just me, though I feel awful that others are going through this too. They're weaning me off the Prednisone and I can't take the biologics like Humira due to an a positive TB test and then an allergic reaction to the medications to treat latent TB to prevent the biologics from possible making it 'active'.Ironic you mention Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever... Kept having the seizures/migraines with my bad flares so they did a brain MRI.. The report found several 'small white' areas associated w/seizures/migraines and one large area that the report said was either from Lyme Disease or an Auto Immune Disease. Rheumy sent me to a Neurologist that put me on preventative meds without paying attn to the fact that it couldn't be taken w/my current meds *sigh* so just take ones for the actual attacks.Must be the biologic that helps w/the muscles/tendon pain then, since mine is almost constant.. It's just the lvl that changes. Some days I can function, others feel like my body is breaking. Especially my lower spine and hips. Now that they've got me on 5mg prednisone 'every' other day, I'm almost bedridden half the time from the pain. Tried pain meds, but they make me 'very' irritable and keep me from sleeping which just makes it worse.I truly appreciate your reply, at least I don't feel 'insane' and pretty sure the 'Fibromyalgia bit' is just a way of saying they don't really understand. Wish I knew a good Rheumy here in Phoenix that someone has actually went to :(The one I see makes me feel like a cow going through a chute! LOL! In and out and w/e just take this and go hehe ;) Take care and hope you have more pain free days!
    sylvanpegasys 1 Replies
    • October 9, 2010
    • 07:43 AM
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