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  • Posted By: Apache
  • April 28, 2012
  • 05:11 PM

Wegener's is a Autoimmune disease that is; Rarely Diagnosed.

For ten years I searched for the answer to my Illness, my healthy way of life, positive attitude, allowed me to become a Survivor from stage 4 end case kidney failure, at the time of Wegener's diagnosis, 2007. This disease is very, very expensive to live with. Strong friends and close family ties are very important. It took two years to get it in remission, the side effects from the disease & toxicity from years of medication is a challenge I have faced many times.Kidneys have been in low end of stage 2, which is great, lungs are inproving from flare ups. Life as I once had, is gone, there is nothing normal about this disease, your new life is based around being healthy and learning to live your life now, before its to late to live. I can tell you of my Wegener's, but there is never any case that is exact the same, every case is different, but similar to the nature of the disease. It is a disease, with no cure, yet, hope will never be lost as long as there are Survivors, helping to get the word out. This disease, is not as rare as once thought, it is a Autoimmune disease that is; Rarely Diagnosed.

This Disease has to Managed. It is your Life, who are you going to trust your Life too ? Listen to your body, start a Daily Journal of your life as a Survivor. To help, this Journal must be done in the same format for every entry, easy method to locate your information, event date, time, weather at that moment, How do you feel right now ? List any changes in your Life, Daily Blood Pressure readings is a must. What have you eaten today, how much water have drank today, Sleep and Nap log, How much SunShine did you get today, very important, Vitamin D is a must for a Healthy Life. Time, you took your meds, list what is working for you. Think on how to Manage Your Life now, write it down.

My Life on the Trail of Adventures has taught me a few Human Basic traits,
1. Every one of us, wants to be correct in what we do, no one wants to be wrong.
2. Every one of us, speaks the truth, be careful what you speak, your mind will do every thing it can to make you correct.
3. You are what you think, think Healthy, think as a Survivor, Smile.
4. You are what you eat, eat simple healthy food.
5. Every one of us needs to Loved, and spend time with Friends.
6. Every one of us, has a very important Life Story to be told, so tell the World.

Get the word out, Share Real Life Stories, here are four Wonderful Stories.


This is a fantastic start, get involved, it's your Life.
Manage Your Life and live to tell Your Important Life Adventures, I am listening.

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