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  • Posted By: kaymac
  • August 3, 2007
  • 01:37 AM

I'm doing my own research. I have questions but would like to lay a little background.

I'm a 43 yr old female who has history of Fibromyalgia for 7 years. I thought for many years I had FM before diagnosed but I became quite ill and sore head to toe and great fatigue, like a virus fell upon me in 2000. It was then I was diagnosed and have battled great muscle pain, sleeping problems, low grade fever, fatigue, etc..... since then.

Prior to my FM diagnosis, I endured 5 Sinus Surgeries due to what they finally discoverd was severe Chronic Fungal Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Astma which we all linked to Fungal Allergies.

Then a hysterectomy. Then I developed Migraines at the age of 40.

Then my blood pressure stayed high from medications I was on, so I began taking meds to lower it.

For the past 2 years I've battled some thyroid issues. Of all things, my thyroid went wacko and became OVER active. I say that because I'm overweight, and have always displayed symptoms of under active thyroid, but doctors could never confirm. So I took meds to stop my thyroid for a few months and then it stablized and then it went wacko again and then it stablized and now it seems to be fine, other than sluggish again like my adult life.

Next was the heart. I began having rhythm problems the first of the year unlike when the thyroid was acting up. This gave me flutters and other problems that eventually they ruled as "Tachycardia" and placed me on meds. But I still have the spells of breathlessness.

Now knowing all that, I've dealt with pain daily and my normal routine and my normal aches and pain and fatigue that never go away.

Then a couple of months ago my legs became stiff and painful, like a charlie horse in my calf, all the time. Heavy, causing me to trip, fall at times even because I could not pick them up steps high enough.

Then a few weeks ago, it is like I woke up with extreme pain in my toes and fingers, moving up my wrists and ankles. Arthritic type pain unlike I've had with my FM in my feet and hands. Then the burning pain. I went to my medical doctor who checked me for RA and it was negative so he is referring me to a Rheumy, not until the 15th of Aug tho. Meanwhile, the joint pain has spread into my ribs, neck, and back of knees. I have small areas all over my body that suddenly feel hot, like a burn. It radiates all over. My whole feet are sore, and when I get up in the morning, the bones in my feet hurt. The bottoms of my hands burn and feet too. If I hold or grip something or rest my hands on something, it feels like they are burning. Resting my feet on the floor now feels like when you rest them in the front of small cab truck where the engine is and they get hot.
The bends of my fingers feel like there is sores on them, but there is none. And my eyes started burning and feeling blurred and dry, so my eye doctor checked them and said Dry Eye Syndrome. This all happend within a few weeks, the same time.

I've been reading alot of the post here and on arthritis boards. I would like to know if anyone can relate to my history. Anyone who suddenly developed a multitude of symptoms?


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  • Hi kaymacI am 42 and I also have some of the symptoms you listed. My doctors are thinking it may be low b12 levels. Have you ever been checked for b12 deficiency? You should check out that board there is lots of good info.good luck
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  • You have an immune system/ nerovus system dysfunction and you are lacking nutrients.Please try NAET. naet.comFrui.
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  • Thanks, I will check out those sites...humm, about the b12 tho, I take injections for that and yes he's checked those levels thru out the year. But I'll go there and read up.kaymac
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  • I thought for many years I had FM before diagnosed but I became quite ill and sore head to toe and great fatigue, like a virus fell upon me in 2000. It was then I was diagnosed and have battled great muscle pain, sleeping problems, low grade fever, fatigue, etc..... since then "like a virus" ... That sounds like Chronic fatigue syndrome.. which FM is only just one symptom of and very common in. Headaches sometimes severe are common part of CFS too along with allergy problems. It can also cause dry eye problem and Tachycardia and breathlessless. So You may have CFS with FM as just one symptom of it, rather than just FM. ..................... Im not completely sure if CFS thou is your issue or not as the pain you describe is a little different to what most CFSers including myself would describe thou we all do have varying types and degrees of pain. CFS thou is a very individual thing For myself having CFS (with FM).. I had intense bone pain (worst in my long bones), joint pain and muscle pain. The most intense pain thou was in my bones for others they dont get bone pain but its the muscles which hurt.. "It's often difficult to distinguish between fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Are they unrelated, siblings or twins? Researchers and specialists are still trying to determine the answer to this question. Some experts believe they are two completely separate illnesses; others think they are two distinct disorders with many similar symptoms; still others feel they are different facets of the same disorder.To complicate matters, a significant number of people with FM also have CFS and vise versa. In a September 2002 article in Fibromyalgia AWARE, a publication of the National Fibromyalgia Association, Charles W. Lapp, MD, CFS/FM expert and researcher, states that "about 70 percent of persons with CFS meet criteria for FM and about 70 percent of persons with FM also meet criteria for CFS." One big difference I personally find between FM and CFS is that ones with CFS keep coming down with more and more symptoms..over time develop a huger array of different symptoms (symptom complex) than what one sees in those with just FM. Low grade fevers are a CFS thing, not a FM thing. Due to this I think you should try to seek out a CFS specialist for a more correct diagnoses.
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    • August 16, 2007
    • 02:21 AM
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  • I have been searching this site for a month now and you are the first person that has that horrible burning in the feet and hands as I do. I've had FM for 15 years and until last year, I never had this burning in the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. I've had Raynaud's the same amount of time and the symptoms are different. Last year when all this started, my GP ran tests and my ANA was positive for Lupus. He sent me to a Rheumy and the test came back negative. He said it was FM and Chronic Fatigue. I have run this low-grade fever for a year and a half, this terrible burning in palms and soles of feet, not to mention pain in ankle and knee joints. I can't believe that this is only FM and CF. I have started swelling, in the last six months, face, gums, abdomen, feet and hands. My gums feel like they are on fire, and I have been checked by dentist for any gum disease and there isn't any. My urine has been tested twice in the last three months, blood found in it both times, even after agressive antibiotics. I just recently found a new internist and he is running all the tests again. Hopefully, they can find something to end this suffering. It is so frustrating, as you know, that doctors cannot find a way to help you. But from reading these posts, I have learned alot, mainly to keep changing doctors if one doesn't find anything. Because, I know and you know, that there is something wrong with your body. It's just finding the right doc to diagnose it. My fear is that I do have Lupus and after the Rheumy said I didn't that now it is affecting my kidneys. Don't wait around like I did and let whatever disease is affecting you progress. Keep switching doctors until someone finds out what is wrong. At least that's what I'm going to do. Good Luck to you and if you need to talk, I read the posts every couple of days.
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    • August 23, 2007
    • 05:27 AM
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