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HELP! daily headaches, malaise, nausea, swollen reactive lymph nodes

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 29, 2008
  • 05:18 PM

Hi All,

I've been ill since October 2007. My lymph nodes were swollen but tests for Mono were negative. My EBV came back >750 (normal range is <18) and so my physician had me undergo a lymph node biopsy (from back of neck). This came back negative for lymphoma or cancer cells.

I continue to feel ill. Fatigue, Malaise,(the lymph nodes have gone down some but are still swollen). I have daily headaches (I hardly ever had headaches in all my life - I'm 48). The headaches more often than not are accompanied by nausea (I do not vomit but feel very bad). I even get light-headedness.

I run very low or no fevers. I went to the doctor yesterday and my CBC/bloodwork came back normal today.

I have autoimmune Thyroiditis and take Synthroid which regulates it. It took 2 years for my physician to figure out that I had Hashimotos and during that time I was very stiff, muscle spasms, fatigue, cold all the time, back pain. It was ME who figured out what was going on by doing loads of research online and finally requesting a thyroid antibody test. Although my TSH was often 3.5 or higher, this was considered normal (less than 5) so I suffered. The thyroid antibody came back through the roof and that is when they started treatment.

I also have herpes and occasionally have an outbreak but very few and far between.

I'm at my wits end on what to do to feel better. I cannot seem to find out what is going on by researching on the internet. My doc admits that SOMETHING is going on (because of the reactive lymph nodes and high EBV) but he does not know WHAT is going on. I am to the point where I don't even want to go to the docs anymore, since I am throwing money away and not getting a diagnosis. He now wants me to have a CAT Scan of my head this week - because he said it is not normal to have daily headaches when you never had a history of them. So, here goes more money down the drain but I doubt this will show anything since my lab tests are normal.

I FEEL SICK (like I have a virus) or like i do when my herpes is playing up. I wonder if anyone thinks this sounds like something?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • You poor thing, you sound just like me! I have been exhausted for years. I was told that flu symptoms leading up to the mouth sours is Herpes. There are treatments but no cure. Once it is in your system, you have it. I felt alot worse taking Synthroid as you are so that could also be causing some of your symptoms. Ask to be checked for Addison's Disease because you never know. Hang in there, exercise and plenty of high protein, high potassium drinks, and extra rest seems to help. Plus, stay away from stress at all costs. Hope you feel better soon. Teresa
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    • February 22, 2008
    • 04:43 PM
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  • I had fatigue and headaches for years. Saw many different neurologists. Also had a lot of low thyroid symptoms but was reassured 6 times that my gland was okay because my TSH was okay...8 years, and 8 neurologists later I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's Encephalopathy- a rare complication of the thyroiditis. Subsequent ultrasound of my gland showed that it was full of tiny nodules. It was only through the encephalopathy that the thyroiditis was discovered.HE is highly treatable with steroids. According to one journal article (Chaudhuri et al in 2003), the two most common symptoms are fatigue and headaches. It can also produce brain fog and a host of other symptoms. I had predominantly the fatigue and headaches (and some mild ataxia) and improved on a steroid pulse and taper.Most doctors have never heard of HE, but I am absolutely convinced it is real because a neurologist picked up my thyroiditis via the encephalopathy. It might be worth looking into if nothing else can explain your symptoms. It can make you feel like crap. Make sure they do imaging though since it could also be something else. HE can cause little white spots on MRI.
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