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Any ideas of diagnosis? High ESR and CRP in blood

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 30, 2010
  • 07:34 PM

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone here has any ideas what my blood test results might point to. I'm a 25 year old female and have been having pains in my joints for over a year now - started mostly in knees and elbows but now in a lot more joints. Previous to this I have had symtoms which drs put down to ibs, extreme pain - especially in upper right abdomon radiating to back - I also get blood in my stools sometimes but this has been explained with piles. My symtoms tended to come and go however they seem more contant now and the fatigue I'm experiencing is more pronounced now too. The pain is no longer just in the joints but more so in my muscles and nerves of my arms - when I experience the nerve pain I notice some twitching afterwards. I am prone to chest infections and at the minute everything that is going around! I have also had kidney problems in the past and often have traces of blood and protein without infection. I also have a gland that has been painful behind my ear - I'm not sure if thats significant. I know I was diagnosed with some sort of ME/chronic fatigue syndrom as a child but I think this was because drs were at a loss and I did seem to grow out of it - whatever the problem was. I saw a rheumatologist once, months ago and got blood tests done - I am due to go back this week. This probably all sounds worse than it is - I am a normal 25 year old and lead a pretty much normal life but this is really starting to interfere and I want to get it sorted so any ideas welcome!!! Thanks!

I got bloods done in the drs last week as I was feeling very weak - these are my results.

Plasma C reactive protein - 15.89 (range 0-5)

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - 31 (range 1-12)

rheumatoid factor - < 20 (range 0-25)

Full blood count the 'abnormal' (some only seem marginal?) values were

MCHC 37.1 (range 30-37)

Platelet count - 489 (range 150 - 450)

percentage lymphocytes 41.1 (range 25-40)

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  • My Dad currently has some of...but not all of your symptoms and his doctor has mentioned multiple different diseases as possibilities. They are leaning towards one of the types of Vasculitis Diseases, but they are very difficult to diagnose. He just had biopsies of his nerve and muscle tissues on Monday and we have an appointment with the specialist on Friday....not sure if they have results already or if they have more tests they want to do. I would highly recommend pushing for more tests and do some research on these different Vasculitis Diseases. It's nothing to put off...they are rare and need treatment in a timely manner.I wish you the best...
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    • September 23, 2010
    • 03:21 AM
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  • I have rheumatoid arthritis - now I am not saying that i think this is what you havebut I have (and have had ) many of the same symptoms - particularly joint pain , swelling,muscle pain and aches and severe fatigue.You mentioned gastrointestinal problems.I just wanted to share one of the things that has given me massive relief.I stopped eating any foods containing gluten.Within 24 hours nearly all of my all over body pain melted away.The effect was fantastic.I did a lot of research after this and found that many people with any type of arthritis or any autoimmune disease in general are gluten intolerant.I have learned that I had to allow my gut to heal and to supplement with many vitamins and minerals as my gut was unable to absorb them.Now 9 months later I am feeling better than I have felt for a number of years. I never had any stomach problems but not all gluten intolerant people do.In fact people with autoimmune diseases often tend to have multiple food intolerancesDo some research on leaky gut and gluten intolerance.Perhaps just give it a try for 24 hours and see if you notice a difference.Just be careful because almost all packaged foods contain gluten in one form or anothereven things like ice cream and lollies (or maybe you call them candies!)Hope this helps
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    • October 3, 2010
    • 00:22 AM
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  • You need to see some doctors. A high CRP and ESR can mean a few things: look these up. You could have rheumatoid arthritis (and there is a treatment that will stop this before it destroys your tissue). You could have lupus. You could have cancer. You could have a severe infection. The best bet is to see your primary care doctor, and also a rheumatologist (doctor who specializes in rheumatic conditions), and demand to have these symptoms investigated. A high CRP and ESR are often caused by chronic conditions, but they can't diagnose your problem without a thorough exam and all the symptoms.
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