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22 year old desperate for medical help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 29, 2015
  • 03:34 AM

I am 22. Been going to the doctors 2 years now. From a small town. My diagnoses currently is rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Positive Ana. Low grade fever of 99.2 to 100.3. For 2 years. Facial rash that is redness on checks and nose. Tried rosacea cream that did not help. Going to a pain doctor for joint pain and muscle pain. I have restless leg syndrome. A lot of pain! Can not work. Concentration problems. Dizzyness. Chronic fatigue. Tried lyrica and gabapentine. Hasn't really helped for my fibromyalgia. Been to a family doctor, internal doctor, cancer doctor (for a lymp node but cancer was ruled out), stomach doctor, rheumatologist, and dermatologist. My doctors think it's related to a autoimmune disease. Maybe lupus but not diagnosed yet. I am seriously suffering everyday. Can bearly get out of bed. But I try to excersise 45 minutes a day. Sun sensitive. My doctors want me to go to the mayo clinic. But it's too expensive for my family to go. My view point is my dr is waiting for something bad to happen. So it would be easier to diagnose me. I waited for over 2 years for a diagnoses. I just don't want to suffer anymore. And I just want to live my life to fullest. Any medical knowledge or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and have a great day :))

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  • I would tend to think you have lupus from all of your symptoms. You may also want to have your thyroid tested and not the bland blood test that will put you within normal ranges. Have Corticotrophin releasing hormone levels tested(CRH)& insulin stress testing(IST). If you would like to read up more in the meantime which helped me immensely. You probably have an imbalance in your hypothalamus which is sending out signals to the pituitary gland to release hormones from each organ. The hypothalamus would be getting incorrect feedback causing the organs to shut down or decrease release of these hormones...cortisol & insulin. I would also get into a sleep study ASAP. The more tests that you can knock out, the closer you are to finding solutions. God Speed!
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    • November 3, 2015
    • 09:44 PM
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  • You sound JUST LIKE ME I have severe Uveitis in the eyes with ediology unknown, they state it comes from auto immune disorder, NOW I just had a CT of my chest and they found 4 LARGE lymph nodes in the chest the largest being 16MM subcarinal. I am bloody scared, I just had a flare in my eyes 2 weeks prior to this scan, all bw came back fine. everyone is saying Sarcoidosis. If you have this please get checked, when I have the auto immune flare it literally takes 90 percent of my life away from me. I sleep, my legs are so sore cramping I have horrific night sweats (ONLY WITH A FLARE UP)........My name is Tracie by the way, I hope you feel better I do I feel your pain. This all started when I was 22. I am now 43 living with this horrific disease. 43, from PA.
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