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re diagnosed with asthma

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  • Posted By: raymae
  • November 23, 2006
  • 07:20 PM

i was first diagnosed with asthma at age of 7, i can remember having quite a lot of bad asthma attacks as a child which were mainly brought on by nerves/anxiety. also had to use inhalers after doing sports etc...and weird as it seems i would cough like mad every time i drank a mcdonalds chocolate milkshake.
since leaving school i have had no problems what so ever right up until march this year (im now 32 ) when i developed a chronic cough (dry) during night and in the mornings and on couple of occassions i almost choked not being able to get breathe. i had x ray done which showed normal for my history of smoking (20 years light to heavy to light now) the xray had marked increase in the broncho pulmonary markings, but i was told it was not considered abnormal. i then done a 2 week peak flow metre reading with no medication (im 5 ft 3" and was getting 300 in morning and 400 at night) i then done the same thing with salbotol in the mornings which took me up to 380/400 in the mornings. with these results the dr said my asthma has returned.
i dont generally wheeze (except at the moment with a cold/cough) i dont notice i have less breath in the mornings but do notice im a little out of breath if i run upstairs and also notice i get bit breathless when really stressed and notice heartbeat feels bit pulsating too, apart from a couple of times when coughing badly and seemed to not beable to catch breath, i dont think ive experienced the kind of attacks i remember from a child (although could be just a case of being more mature now) sometimes i experience a tightness that feels very uncomfortable when breathing on my chest just above right breast. the pumps (salbotol and a steroid pump) have calmed my cough and i now only generally cough first thing on waking and its very slight. since being diagnosed with asthma i have been experiencing other symptoms such as rib/sternum pain back ache lower and sometimes upper which come and go but the one thing that seems to be most problematic is a ache in my right shoulder at the front on line with armpit but about 2/3cm over towards direction of coller bone. dr has now put me on list for physio and suspects a muscular skelotor problem.
this week i have had a nasty cold and went back to drs due to bad cough producing thick yellow sputem and some wheezing, she said chest was clear glands in neck a little up and put it down to a common cold. i thought yellow sputem was to do with bronchitis but then as far as im aware that should be heard through a stephoscope ? i am also experiencing some acid reflux symptoms (very bad heartburn and fullness in sternum area after eating anything, also silent burping bringing up what tastes like sick and burns).
im wondering what anyone can make of all this (its driving me mad as im becoming paronoid) please leave a comment and thank you so much for reading this.

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  • Maybe you have had a few anxeity attacks, that bring on your asthma? I sometimes get an attack after being stressed. I was wondering about when you were a child, and were drinking chocolate milkshakes from McDonalds. I get a attack after I have anything with dairy in it. Maybe you were lactose intorlerant? People can grow out of that. Might or might not explain the attacks after those shakes.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 1, 2006
    • 02:01 AM
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  • Sounds like lots of anxiety in combination with smoking addiction. I am the same age as you, have just been to doc done peak flow test blew 350. Told I had asthma. I have reflux as well. got that a number of years ago. Truth is, in my case asthma and reflux both smoking. As for your pains, dont really know. I do know I have had rather weird pins and needles, like when I first wake up and havnt been lying on that part of my body, or bent etc. It didnt go away for ten minutes after I got up. Doctors checked it out put it all down to stress. The brain can be a powerful thing. In the end I decided I needed a lifestyle change. more excercise, no smoking and less thinking about problems. The doctor agreed with this. At our age it is more likely that our bodies(and subconscious) are giving us warning signs to change the way we think and do our lives. Dont know if this is any real help to you. Quit smoking entirely to improve breathing. Excercise to improve breathing and mental outlook. Try it and stick at it for at least 3 months, that should be enough time to show improvement. As they say at any stage if pain still persists see a doctor. But really you can make these changes and still keep seeing doctors for tests etc. Anxiety/paranoia is a serious problem and there are medications for that too. I dont know how bad you are that way, as to whether you need them or not, but taking away the anxiety that smoking can create and replacing it with excercise that releases good brain chemicals is a start. That is the advice I've given myself, and from what I can tell your symptoms are much the same as mine except for pain chest shoulder when touched (you) weird circulatory and nerve symptoms (me). Often people tell me to meditate, it is probably good advice for anxiety as well. Mind you I havnt taken it up yet! It's probably all good advice but in the end do what is right for you. Good luck whatever happens
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 12, 2006
    • 01:47 PM
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  • Studies have shown that since the time when stringent smoking bans came into effect in the US, the number of emergency room asthma patients reporting to hospitals have decreased considerably. This study was conducted by the University of Kentucky and the results are after Lexington banned smoking in the public places.
    barbarawindsor 1 Replies
    • November 17, 2008
    • 09:15 AM
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