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  • Posted By: raymae
  • November 23, 2006
  • 07:25 PM

hi everyone
im not sure im on the right section but if anyone can give any advice i would be so grateful!
a couple of months ago i fell down the stairs luckily i managed to grab the handrail but i landed with my left arm stretched right up holding hand rail and my body stretched out straight with my right arm underneath me in a straight position, i was more shaken up then aware of too much pain, around a week later i started to feel an irritating ache in my right shoulder at the front, in line with the armpit but about 2/3 cm across in the direction of coller bone. i have no idea if it has anything to do with the fall i had? but i see a doctor and she just put it down to the fall and said or it could be posture. i went back to see a dr again (a different one ) about a month later to see her about my recently diagnosed asthma (cough based) and at that time i was experiencing various aches pains and tenderness in ribs/sternum/upper and lower back, even some prickly pain in underside of elbow and back of knee, she feels its some kind of muscular skelotor disorder and i had blood taken full blood count esr and trc but they all come up normal so im now waiting for the physio appointment. i do get lots of heartburn and silent burping with a sickly taste quite often, but the aches and pains mentioned above are all on and off sometimes i get them all and sometimes none but its something at least on a daily basis. the major one is the shoulder, how do you tell if its actually pain from the shoulder or refered from somewhere else? it sometimes goes away for a day or two, its a aching discomfort more then big pain, its more intense if i move the shoulder inwards or bend to pick something up and sometimes its more uncomfortable when breathing in or if i jolt when i cough sneeze etc... the most pain i have felt from it was after a night out i had where i danced for a couple of hours moving my shoulders quite a lot, felt it big time next day. also would of showed up on blood if it was muscular or skelotor? (some blood was tested for any inflammation) are all arthritic and similar conditions based around inflammation?
i have no idea at the moment if all my symptoms are connected or totally different problems. any suggestions/advice please.

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  • Hi Raymae-I would recommend getting an mri. Don't waste your time on xrays. I fell down a flight of stairs in my home about 7 yrs ago. I landed on my tailbone. Sometimes it takes a few days up to a week for the real pain to start. A few days later I woke in excruciataing lower back pain and found that when I sat long periods of time (which I did at work), I would get shooting pains into my leg. Doctor ordered xray-neg. Three months later, still having pain-in fact pain was getting worse. Doc took me off work for 2 weeks and ordered mri. I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back.In the meantime, are you taking pain meds? If you are and they don't work, tell your doc so he/she can adjust or change your meds. Good luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 10, 2006
    • 04:35 AM
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  • Raymae - Sounds like you have injured your shoulder, could be a rotator cuff tear. Please check out: www.shoulderdoc.co.uk Everything you will need to know about shoulders. Excellent, including videos of surgeries, rehab exercises, medications - brilliant. The site is not pharmacy driven, it is private funded. But everything to do with upper limb, shoulder and elbow specific. There is a site map which you need to check out. Now comprises coming up 1000 pages of information. There is also a forum for general discussion. Shoulderdoc is by far and away the very best information site re shoulders - includes also notes on arthritis.Hope this helps.MollyWho has shoulder problems.
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    • December 17, 2006
    • 00:10 PM
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