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help - in pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 4, 2006
  • 05:21 AM

I have had shoulder pain (right) for about 2 years. I had surgery for a bone spur & rotator cuff repair (very small tear).
Now my other shoulder (left) is in major pain as well as my hip & knee all left side. I feel this pain that shoots down my leg from my buttocks (i think, could be from my hip?).
When I am standing up for a length of time I have to lift my left leg otherwise the pain starts to shoot down my leg.
My shoulders are the worse in the morning or from lying in a position too long.
Everytime I move my shoulders or knee when I have been in a position for a time they pop & crack, it gets painful.

Overall, I am a 27 year old woman. I am 5'8" and weight about 117. I am in good health.
I did not injury my shoulder playing sports, kind of a mystery how I had a tear in the rotator cuff.

Please help. What type of doc should I see?

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  • Hello there - sounds pretty horrible. Well, first off get thee to a good doctor and get a referrel to a good rheumatologist. Good ones are few and far between. Do your research first. Don't know where you are, or which country. Most rheumys are pretty much run-of-the-mill, finding true excellence is the crux of the matter. You will need to ask around. Check out hospitals and see what their rheumy departments offer, the better the hospital the better the dept (bit obvious smile).You need a diagnosis (dx). when you have that then can take it from there. Should you need an orthopaedic surgeon, ensure that they have that area of expertise in their line-up of skills. Need to ask how many times they have performed that partic surgery etc etc. Lot of information out there, so get yourself armed and up-to-date. Knowledge will empower. Don't for heavens sake allow yourself to be patted on the head - happens (says she dryly!)Sounds ike you have an arthritis condition, with perhaps a trapped nerve eminating from the spine area, a compression - shooting pains down the leg etc. You'll need X-Rays and if poss get an MRI done. Blood tests: ask em to check for the HLA-B27 factor as well as the usual factors. Any arthritic conditions in the family? This last is important - possible genetic factors often come into play.Get a list of facts together - facts pertaining to your own condition, when it started etc etc and also a pain map, this last is very useful. Pain map, line drawing of the human body, colour in the hot spots. Useful diagnostic. at-a-glance, tool. Also visit any web pages you can google up. Read all the links. Get on the 'specific to' arthritis forums check out questions and answers. OK. Hope this helps some. Good luck.Mollywho is riddled with arthritis (blasted condition)
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    • December 17, 2006
    • 00:34 PM
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  • Hello there :) . The shooting pain sounds like sciatica. It is due to a nerve compressed by the lower disks of the spine. As Molly said, you need to see a good rheumatologist. Arthritis for many is worse in the morning. Morning stiffness and un restful sleep is also notorious for Fibromyalgia. I have been diagnosed with this. I have a reactivated Epstein-Barr virus infection, which can cause CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which I have also been diagnosed with). I totally believe it is due to all the radiation that I have had from heart disease tests and procedures. My research has shown that heavy radiation doses can cause this. I have had a huge radiation dose from 8 cardiac catheterizations and one "64 Slice Coronary Artery CT Scan", within a 3.5 year period. It took a quack to order all the proper blood testing to determine this reactivated EBV infection. Traditional doctors do not order this test, even when one is sick and the cause is illusive. I think everyone that is in this situation should have and expanded panel EBV test. Good luck, Rj
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    • December 17, 2006
    • 05:35 PM
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