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xanax question? long term affects help

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  • Posted By: hollyc39
  • June 13, 2008
  • 03:24 PM

:(Hi I'm new to this board but I'm really am looking for an answer to my medical problem. First I'll let you know I've been on xanax for a year I take .25mg 3 times a day. I suffer panic and anxiety daily. Ok next for the last 5 months I've suffered with a balance issue, I feel like my balance is off I'm being pulled one way or the other. I feel like my spine or neck can't support my body and I find it real hard to do anything. When I walk I have to make sure I pay attention cause I'll bump into something. When I lay down it goes away. I don't have any pain . I've been tested for everything for this Ear nose and throat twice, brain mri, neck mri, bloodwork, nerve test on lower spine and legs, been to neurologist you name it I went. And my b12 levels are ok. My question is has anyone had long term affect from taking xanax? I've read that xanax is a ototoix med and could cause tinntus,(ringing in ears, hearing problem) . But no ringing or hearing problem here. I read one article that had a woman say she felt exactly like me and got off the xanax. It took her a long time to get better but she did. Has anyone ever felt like this ?:confused: I gotta find a cure it's taking my life away. I can't work or play with my kids or even cook dinner.
Also note doc knows it's not BPPV or any ear related problem. I started to wean myself off xanax yesterday, but it will take me a month to get it done. I stopped before but i went right back on 2 wks later. Any knowledge on this would help. Thank you for your replies. hollygirl39 P.s. I did the chiropractor thing too, no help. I do start vestibular therapy tues. That is balance therapy.

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  • i dont understand why doctors prescribe xanax '3 times a day' when you dont have 3 panic attacks a day. know what i mean? i believe and im not a doc just someone who has had this condition 20 years, i believe that you only need it when you actually feel panicky or have an attack. taking it preventively only causes long term addiction, and you build a tolerance for it and need more and more. i had to detox off it, got addicted, it is a real physical addiction with horrible side effects when you come off it (felt like my chest was gonna explode), but u gotta get off this thing as a regular drug and only take it when you are suffering. doctors still have alot to learn about this and i think people are being misprescribed, at times recklessly.
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